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The Trip is a local Laguna Beach 80’s cover band who have the opportunity of a lifetime this Sunday – they’ll be the house band at The Fonda Theater in LA (yes, THAT Fonda Theater) backing members of Filter, Slipknot, Anthrax, The Go Go’s and many more. The show also features Tenacious D, Sarah Silverman and Al Yankovic and is a fundraiser for Sweet Relief Musician’s Fund, an organisation run by local Rob Max, who is also in studio as the band play 2 songs live and chat about the show.

Should you or shouldn’t you strive to be authentic ?  It depends on whether you’re a high or a low “self-monitor”; can read other people’s minds correctly; and/or would allow your brain to be tampered with via TMS to improve your moral judgements.   Sheran James of The Sharin’ Hour on KX 93.5 explores these questions and more.