Laguna Talks

Meet Ivan Spiers, owner of Laguna’s Mozambique and Sky Loft, two of the most happening restaurants in town. Both feature live music nearly every night of the week, and both offer rooftop dining. Listen to Ivan’s extraordinary journey from Durban, South Africa to Laguna, via London, and his years in the music and apparel businesses.
After 3 years of development, the Ranch Laguna Beach Resort just opened what might be the coolest boutique hotel on the plant, cut deep into the canyon, with golf, spa, restaurants and an amazing chill vibe. Listen to visionary Mark Christy and GM Kurt Bjorkman reveal the manifestation of a dream.
Paul has spent a lifetime in local, national, and international politics. He served as an aid to Presidential candidate Gary Hart, served two terms as mayor of Laguna, and traveled the Middle East, African and Asia as a member of the State Department. Here’s his thoughts on the recent Presidential election.
Measure KK is on the ballot this week, which would overturn a 2009 prohibition and allow for up top 2 dispensaries in town. In this lively round-table we hear from opponents and advocates of the Measure (including the sponsor) so you can decide.