Open Water

the wayback machine makes a couple stops in ’81 & ’82 tonight — then returns to portions of 2017 that sound a helluva lot like ’81 & ’82  thank Frankie Rose, Mourn, THICK and the lot.  and yes, we give passing mention and enduring love to the Lost Heartbreaker. Protomartyr — Here is the Thing  /  […]
two hours is a long time.  especially when the mic sounds like it comes from inside a soupcan.  (I’m on it — trust.)  meanwhile, it’s a bevy of new and not-so, w/ even-yet-still-more Ted Leo, a Mourn cover, more Castle Face, a dual Deer Tick, a post-punk set for you malcontents, and a goth set […]
another helping of Ted Leo.  a fitting sendoff to Bent Shapes.  plus re-worked Wedding Present, fittingly esoteric Ariel Pink, and some old stuff that’s nonetheless new.  oh, and another cock-up just to lay claim to the DIY ethos. Ted Leo — Lonsdale Avenue  /  The Wedding Present — Shatner  /  Makthaverskan — Eden  /  Ariel Pink — Time to […]
“for a start take two Grant Harts / and call me when you die.”  a little tribute, a little try-to-move-on.  du you know the way to Minneapolis? Husker Du — Don’t Want to Know if You Are Lonely  /  The Posies — Grant Hart  /  Mourn — Color Me Impressed  /  The Replacements — I Will Dare (live at […]
the male gaze turns to you, with some new finds from the past 6 days, and some non-perishables pulled from the back right corner of the fridge.  oh, and who can resist a trifecta of covers?  not I. Tera Melos — Men’s Shirt  /  Male Gaze — Keep Yr Kools  /  Escape-ism — Almost No One (Can Have My Love) […]
show 67 heralds the return of some of our prodigal sons — new stuff from Omni, The Front Bottoms, Pere Ubu & Tera Melos; Castle Face continues to exercise a desperate grip on the latter half; and Alex Dezen gets a twofer cuz he works just. that. hard.  Tejas-sized love to Houston. Pere Ubu — Monkey […]
arrrrrgh…  people.  (and also, new stuff from AJJ, GBV, Radiator Hospital, Rainer Maria, and a back-to-back whack from Castle Face).      but arrrgh… people. POW! — Necessary Call  / Duds — Elastic Feel  / Mike Krol — Natural Disaster  / Guided by Voices — Diver Dan  / Teen Vice — Think Tank  / The Stranglers — Toiler on the Sea / Big Black Delta […]
show 65 finds itself a little garage rock-y at the outset, before diving back to the ‘90s for a short spell, then doing the goth for a cool 7 minutes, only to come out the other side with some harmless indie.  no Glen Campbell.  he woulda wanted it that way. Ty Segall — Another Hustle  / Creepseed — Holy Roller  […]
does the vocal this week throw off a bit of a we-have-your-daughter-and-we-want-our-money vibe?  that’s what you get with a B-grade Guitar Center mic and a glass desk, and a room more suitable to shooting a YouTube video on how to bedazzle your prom dress, than it is to recording.  somebody get Marc Maron on the […]
it’s all for, Damien.  spanking new stuff from Weaves, Wolf Parade & Lemon Twigs, along with some rough stuff from the ‘Mats and the Smiths, and Jarvis Cocker genuflecting graciously to Scott Walker.  all for the low, low price of nada. Weaves — #53  /  Wolf Parade — Valley Boy  /  Tera Melos — Don’t Say I Know  /  The Lemon Twigs — Night […]