The Magic Hour

Comedian & YouTuber Ari Blau (@ariblau) joins the gang as we recap Valentine’s Day, talk about Ari’s #JustDivorced car, tarantulas that would piss off Samuel L. Jackson, our Oscar predictions, AND a high-stakes game of Would You Rather! Ari Blau:
Colleen and Cameron recap this year’s State of the Union PLUS is it okay to use a handicap bathroom stall if you’re not handicap? AND we talk deflategate!
The gang is back to talk Karl Stefanovic’s year of same suits, Cameron’s life-threatening flights to the midwest, Star Wars, Terminator Genisys, Dumb and Dumber 2, plus our thoughts on the podcast ‘Serial’!
Colleen’s fear of everything scary, scary movie date stories, this year’s popular & sexy costumes, and everything Halloween on this year’s Magic Hour Halloween Special!
Titanic’s alternate ending, becoming Amish, ordering McDonald’s Coffee, and Kevin Spacey on our 2 year anniversary on FM Radio!
Cameron, Colleen, and Jerry return for a SHOCKINGLY funny episode of The Magic Hour: 3:00 Cameron shocked 5:30 Dream Journals 8:00 Night Terrors 10:00 Holidays are Upon Us 15:00 New Fall Television Shows 27:00 This Week in Online Dating 30:30 Would You Rather 35:00 The Durchfall Awards: Roller Coaster Hits Deer 37:00 Colleen’s Autumn Jokes […]