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Normally this is where you would see some lame information about a radio DJ. Ya, know: "My favorite color is red. I have a dog. Blah blah blah" Well I'm not a regular radio DJ, and this isn't a normal station. 

My name is Shawn, and I am from the state of Montana. 

I am brand new to the Orange County/Laguna Area.

The beach is AWESOME.

I can grow a beard in like 4 days.

If you don't like Volbeat, then I can't be your friend.

I can do a backflip, but only on a trampoline, and only when nobody is watching.

Golf is hard.

I'm pretty sure my neighbors own a monkey.

If I see a spider I will feed you to him to save myself. I apologize in advance. 

If it's too loud, then it doesn't mean you are too old. You need to turn it down and save your hearing. Trust me.

Along with the "Generation Alt Rock" that we play here at KX935, I am also a huge Hard Rock/Heavy Metal fan. I own/host a show called "Rockstar Radio" that is dedicated to those listeners and music. I hope to be able to bring it to you once a week as soon as we get rollin. 

If ya need anything else, call, email, or check out my Twitter and Facebook! I look forward to dripping sweet radio magic into your earholes.

Check out my Rock/Metal side of things on "Rockstar Radioâ„¢"