KX Takeover


KX Takeover

KX Takeover is an on-air pledge drive … our way! We give the airwaves to members of the community to host their own guest show and compete to raise money for our non-profit radio station. The winner wins our coveted Silver Tongue Award!  From musicians to business owners to the mayor, no one is left out.

Listen Monday, April 24th through Thursday, April 27th on 93.5 FM or online to hear each guest hosts’ carefully-curated programs.

You can pledge below to help your favorite host win the trophy. We’ll also accept pledges on the phone during each hosts’ show at 949-715-4859.

Choose an amount, and select a host on the next page.

April 24 April 25 April 26 April 27
7:00AM Tyler Russell – KX93.5 Founder Jason Feddy – KX 93.5 Host Tom Richeson – KX 93.5 Supporter Ladan Davia – CEO, Beeya
8:00AM Jonathan Katz- KX 93.5 Board Member Warren Sellers – Author/Musicologist Esther Marquez – KX 93.5 Contributor & Housekeeper Laura Henkels – President, Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce
9:00AM Monica Silva – KX 93.5 Development Director Ernest Hackmon – KX 93.5 Host Mike Waldman – KX 93.5 Contributor SOURCED Collective
10:00AM Monica Silva – KX 93.5 Development Director John Ford – KX 93.5 Host Barbara McMurray – McMurray Marketing Communications Greta Valenti & Robin Davey, GROWVision Entertainment
11:00AM Steph Weaver-Weinberg – KX 93.5 Music Director

Rabbi Marcia Tilchin – Jewish Collaborative of Orange County

Ida Mae & Jesse Obrand – Obrand Law Group Hilton Weinberg – KX 93.5 Supporter
12:00PM Amy Altieri – President, Ebell Club Laguna Beach John Troy – KX 93.5 Host Billy Fried – KX 93.5 Host Cathleen Falsani – Author & Journalist
1:00PM Zach Churchill – KX 93.5 Afternoon Host Steve Dicterow, Laguna Beach City Councilman Susan & Cole Hunt – KX 93.5 Supporters Cathleen Falsani – Author & Journalist
2:00PM Kevin Ware – KX 93.5 Host Eric Rankin – KX 93.5 Host Allen Levy – Retired Professor, Chapman University Joseph Ballesteros – Producer, “Everything Laguna Beach”
3:00PM Kevin Flaherty – KX 93.5 Host Eric Rankin – KX 93.5 Host Malcolm Warner – Executive Director, Laguna Art Museum Laura Buckle & LBHS Students
4:00PM Toni Iseman – Laguna Beach Mayor Steve & Beth Wood – Laguna Beach Musicians Loreen Gilbert – President, WealthWise Financial Services Ed Stasium – Music Producer
5:00PM Bruce Rave – KX 93.5 Host Rich Sherman – Founder, Doheny Blues Festival MARK & BRIAN


Jerry & Dawn Price – Chapman University Dean & Friendship Shelter Executive Director
6:00PM Steve Reid – KX 93.5 Host Jimmy Alvarez – KX 93.5 Host  NextGen Laguna Beach  AREO Laguna Beach