Playing Today


03:15 PM

Lost Cause

by: Black Pistol Fire

03:12 PM

Fill Your Brains

by: Harrison Brome

03:08 PM

My Decision

by: MOSS

03:04 PM

Night Song

by: The Lemon Twigs


02:59 PM


by: Jude Shuma

02:55 PM


by: Company of Thieves

02:51 PM

Dozen Times

by: Milo Greene

02:48 PM

Someone to Walk Around With

by: Wesley Fuller

02:45 PM


by: The Outdoor Type

02:42 PM

10,000 Emerald Pools

by: B?RNS

02:39 PM


by: Led Zeppelin

02:36 PM

Guess Who

by: The Shakers

02:32 PM

Valley Boy

by: Wolf Parade

02:28 PM

The Two of Us

by: The Jesus and Mary Chain

02:26 PM

Come Back To Me

by: Other States

02:02 PM

Beta Love

by: Ra Ra Riot


01:57 PM

Continental Breakfast

by: Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnet

01:53 PM


by: Telekinesis

01:49 PM

Whites Of Their Eyes

by: Mattiel

01:43 PM

Holding On

by: The War On Drugs

01:40 PM


by: NightAir

01:37 PM

Real Thing

by: Stars

01:33 PM

Won't Keep Me Up At Night

by: Sun Seeker

01:29 PM

Fruitless Trees

by: Brainstory

01:26 PM

Weekends (LIVE @ KX 93.5)

by: Urban Cone

01:21 PM

Season Of The Witch

by: Donovan

01:17 PM

Swamp Beat

by: TV Baby

01:15 PM



01:12 PM

To Be Alone With You

by: Sufjan Stevens

01:10 PM

Lotus Eater

by: Foster The People


12:54 PM

Golden Sky

by: The Holidays

12:51 PM

The Distance

by: Cake

12:47 PM


by: The War On Drugs

12:41 PM

Lady, You Shot Me

by: Har Mar Superstar

12:36 PM

Jacket On Ya Shoulders

by: Walker Lukens

12:32 PM


by: Francis

12:28 PM

See See Rider

by: The Animals

12:25 PM

Like an Eel

by: Eli Raybon

12:22 PM

Don't Care Where

by: Henry Nowhere

12:18 PM

New Daze

by: Cheerleader

12:15 PM

Work It Out

by: Thee Commons

12:11 PM

All On Me

by: Imperial Daze

12:08 PM

Fish On The Sand (cover)

by: Allah-Las

12:03 PM

Los Ageless

by: St. Vincent


11:57 AM

Bang Theory

by: World Leader Pretend

11:48 AM

20th Century Boy

by: T. Rex

11:44 AM


by: thanks.

11:39 AM

Trouble In Mind (LIVE @ KX)

by: Larkin Poe

11:36 AM


by: God Tiny

11:31 AM


by: The English Beat

11:27 AM

Tamer Animals

by: Other Lives

11:24 AM

Streets Been Talkin'

by: Kele Okereke

11:20 AM



11:17 AM

If The Answer Is Yeah

by: The Waterboys

11:15 AM

I Don't Want To Know

by: The Zombies

11:09 AM

Invisible Prison

by: Electric Eye

11:06 AM

Zombie Zoo

by: Tom Petty

11:01 AM

Cable-Built Dreamland

by: White Room


10:58 AM

Sheila Take A Bow

by: The Smiths

10:53 AM

Criminal World

by: Metro

10:50 AM

Push Back

by: Fantastic Negrito

10:46 AM

Banana Tsunami

by: The Shakers

10:40 AM

Top Tier Love

by: Lonely Benson

10:37 AM

Grown Ups

by: The Extons

10:34 AM

How Should I Your True Love

by: Shakespeare's Fool

10:31 AM

Tough Guy

by: Wild Beasts

10:28 AM

Beat Down

by: Mister Heavenly

10:24 AM

Locked Out

by: Crowded House

10:21 AM

Get Free

by: Leif Erikson

10:17 AM

Monkey Wrench

by: Foo Fighters

10:14 AM

One Foot Forward

by: Staying In

10:13 AM

Laguna Beach Headlines


10:09 AM

Good Time Music

by: The Lovin' Spoonful


09:51 AM

My Mind

by: Will Sprott

09:43 AM

Things I Believe (LIVE@KX)

by: John Mark Nelson

09:39 AM

Night Ringa

by: Saint Mela

09:35 AM

Push It

by: Garbage

09:31 AM

Jump Into The Fog

by: The Wombats

09:27 AM

I Took Your Picture

by: Cults

09:23 AM

Sweetest Friend

by: Tyler and Eye

09:19 AM


by: Beachwood Coyotes

09:16 AM

Pimpers Paradise

by: Bob Marley

09:12 AM

Mother, Mother

by: Lily Waters

09:09 AM

Snap Out Of It

by: Arctic Monkeys

09:05 AM


by: Smashing Pumpkins

09:01 AM

Every Day's the Weekend

by: Alex Lahey


08:57 AM

Cross-Eyed Mary

by: Jethro Tull

08:54 AM


by: Matt And Kim

08:47 AM

Soul To Keep

by: SouLag Vibrations

08:41 AM

Don't Call Me Baby

by: Luke Rathborne

08:28 AM

Spent the Day in Bed

by: Morrissey

08:26 AM

Keep Moving

by: Matt Batey

08:20 AM

While My Guitar Gently Weep

by: Peter Frampton

08:12 AM


by: Silversun Pickups

08:09 AM

Up All Night

by: Beck


07:58 AM

It Is Written

by: Nahko & Medicine for the Pe

07:55 AM

Walk On

by: Neil Young

07:52 AM

Brick by Brick

by: The Soft White Sixties

07:38 AM

Home Soon

by: Dope Lemon

07:34 AM

Wages of Labor

by: Nearby Pastures

07:24 AM

Tomorrow Tomorrow

by: Babygirl

07:14 AM

Thrash Unreal

by: Against Me!

07:10 AM

Sucker Me In

by: Eli Raybon

07:06 AM

Out in the Woods

by: Leon Russell

07:02 AM


by: Frightened Rabbit


06:59 AM

That's Entertainment

by: The Jam

06:55 AM

Mountain To Move

by: Nick Mulvey

06:52 AM


by: Cina Polada

06:48 AM

No Room In Frame

by: Death Cab For Cutie

06:45 AM

Clean Up

by: JR JR

06:41 AM

Feeling Alright

by: Joe Cocker

06:37 AM

Out of Tune

by: Baio

06:33 AM

Everyday I Write The Book

by: Elvis Costello

06:31 AM


by: Warbly Jets

06:27 AM

Monster's Lair

by: Greg In Good Company

06:24 AM


by: Dr. Doctor

06:19 AM

California Nights

by: Best Coast

06:16 AM

She Loves Me

by: Flamin' Groovies

06:14 AM

Beautifully Unconventional

by: Wolf Alice

06:08 AM

Step On

by: Happy Mondays

06:05 AM

Oh No

by: Soy Christmas

06:01 AM

Straight Jacket

by: Bay Ledges


05:58 AM

Gift Of

by: Purple Mountains Majesties

05:55 AM

O Me O My

by: Son Little

05:52 AM


by: Half Moon Run

05:49 AM


by: Clay Priskorn

05:44 AM

Inside Looking Out

by: The Animals

05:41 AM


by: Shout Out Louds

05:36 AM

Saint Simon

by: The Shins

05:33 AM

Natural One

by: The Folk Implosion

05:30 AM

I Know You Want Me To

by: Black Sonic Revolver

05:26 AM

Hello It's Me

by: Tod Rundgren

05:22 AM

Generator Second Floor

by: Freelance Whales

05:17 AM

Echoes On

by: Cones

05:14 AM

Los Angeles Is Burning

by: Bad Religion

05:11 AM


by: Michael Jablonka

05:07 AM

I Turn My Camera On

by: Spoon

05:04 AM

Lost Cause

by: Black Pistol Fire

05:00 AM

Uptown Top Ranking

by: Althea & Donna


04:57 AM

Pennies From Heaven

by: Nick D & The Believers

04:54 AM

Personality Crisis

by: New York Dolls

04:51 AM


by: M. Rivers

04:47 AM


by: Paco Zambrano y su Combo

04:44 AM

Virginia Plain

by: Roxy Music

04:43 AM

So Polite

by: Summer Salt

04:38 AM

What's My Scene

by: Hoodoo Gurus

04:34 AM

Head Talk

by: Sophisticated Dingo

04:31 AM

Nobody Really Cares If You

by: Courtney Barnett

04:28 AM

I Can't Stop The World From

by: Palo Sopra?o

04:24 AM

Sitting in the Midday Sun

by: The Kinks

04:20 AM


by: Company of Thieves

04:16 AM

No Exit

by: Tennis

04:12 AM


by: Riverside

04:09 AM

Eyes On The Ground

by: Caro

04:06 AM


by: Mr. White

04:03 AM


by: Wild Ones

04:00 AM

Someone to Walk Around With

by: Wesley Fuller


03:57 AM

I'm Perfect

by: Passion Pit

03:54 AM

Somebody's Talking

by: The Preatures

03:51 AM

Little Thing Gone Wild

by: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

03:48 AM

Looking at You

by: MC5

03:42 AM

The Reservoir

by: Small Forward

03:38 AM

Vapour Trail

by: Ride

03:34 AM

Why Didn't You Say That

by: The Lemon Twigs

03:31 AM

A New Tomorrow

by: Nick Brodeur

03:27 AM

Live Before I Die


03:22 AM

Left & Right In the Dark

by: Julian Casablancas

03:20 AM

Tell Her No

by: The Zombies

03:16 AM

Real Thing

by: Stars

03:13 AM

Mirror In The Bathroom

by: English Beat

03:09 AM

All Night

by: Weird Milk

03:05 AM

Golden Brown

by: Cage The Elephant

03:00 AM

Big Sur

by: Sleeper


02:56 AM

The Sound

by: Noah Gundersen

02:53 AM

The Ideal Husband (Radio Ed

by: Father John Misty

02:48 AM

Brunchin' Yuppies

by: Mr. Max

02:43 AM

What Is & What Should Never

by: Led Zeppelin

02:39 AM

Slower & Slower

by: Duncan Kissinger

02:35 AM

No Diggity

by: Chet Faker

02:33 AM

Oncoming Day

by: The Chills

02:29 AM

Freedom Is Free

by: Chicano Batman

02:25 AM

The Shape I'm In

by: The Band

02:21 AM

Shelter Song

by: Temples

02:17 AM

Plimsoll Punks

by: Alvvays

02:14 AM

We Want The Airwaves

by: The Ramones

02:10 AM

Did It All

by: Gogol Bordello

02:06 AM

Easy Money

by: Johnny Marr

02:03 AM

Tomorrow Always Knew

by: White Room

02:00 AM

Joker's Song

by: Mike Batt


01:57 AM

Work It Out

by: Thee Commons

01:53 AM

Turn To The Sky

by: The March Violets

01:50 AM

Hold On

by: Gizmo Varillas

01:47 AM

Help I'm Alive

by: Metric

01:44 AM

For Your Love (Shindig 1965

by: The Yardbirds

01:41 AM

Guess Who

by: The Shakers

01:37 AM

Litany (Life Goes On)

by: Guadalcanal Diary

01:34 AM


by: The Outdoor Type

01:30 AM


by: Foals

01:26 AM

Capital Letters

by: Grace Mitchell

01:23 AM

Stand By Me

by: John Lennon

01:20 AM


by: Jude Shuma

01:16 AM


by: Hippo Campus

01:12 AM

Sit Down

by: James

01:09 AM


by: Chimney

01:05 AM

It's Love

by: Orlando Napier

01:01 AM

About a Bruise

by: Iron & Wine


12:59 AM

Rockaway Beach

by: The Ramones

12:56 AM

Like an Eel

by: Eli Raybon

12:53 AM

Jacket On Ya Shoulders

by: Walker Lukens

12:50 AM


by: Ezra Furman

12:46 AM


by: The War On Drugs

12:43 AM

Dr. Livingstone, I Presume

by: The Moody Blues

12:39 AM

Black & White

by: Catholic Action

12:36 AM

Oliver's Army

by: Elvis Costello & The Attrac

12:31 AM


by: Cannons

12:28 AM

What You Say

by: The Dafneys

12:18 AM

Come on! Feel the Illinoise

by: Sufjan Stevens

12:15 AM


by: Jefferson Airplane

12:12 AM

Night Song

by: The Lemon Twigs

12:07 AM


by: R.E.M.

12:05 AM

(You're Better) Than Ever

by: illuminati hotties

12:01 AM

Valley Boy

by: Wolf Parade