Brooklyn Bridge, caisson disease, ask your phone, off the cuff, kinda goofy, I put my head between ‘em, bent to his work, losing my touch, Donald Duck on vocals, they’re vaping!, they did it with horses, I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now.
Sheran James of The Sharin’ Hour on KX 93.5 delves into the lives of the fascinating Mitford sisters, daughters of Lord and Lady Redesdale, related by marriage to Churchill, the Kennedys, Fred Astaire; and by close association to Hitler and Goebels.  This episode focuses on the two most radical of the sisters: the Fascist Lady […]
This edition of the CHS Show includes the standard selection of great and eclectic cuts, but we also have the opportunity to note the contributions of noted studio musician, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and longtime member of Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers band, Scott Thurston. We’ve included some live cuts by the Heartbreakers, plus some songs by Jackson Browne, […]