Inner Journey with Greg Friedman and Guests Colter, Charlotte and Ellie from Walking for Water and 20 Miles a Glass

Colter Johnson, director of “20 Miles a Glass” and Ellie and Charlotte from Laguna Beach High School’s “Walking for Water” join Greg to explore ways of getting water to those desperately in need.

If you grew up in the United States  it’s hard to imagine a world where water does not appear at the turn of a faucet. With a few rare exceptions, in our modern society we have access to clean, usable water wherever and whenever we want.

I’d always known that not everyone around the world enjoyed our open level of access to water, but I never knew the details until I sat down with my friend Sobonfu Somè. Sobonfu was born to a small village in rural Burkina Faso, one of the most remote regions on the African continent. Bordering the Sahara desert to the north, Sobonfu’s village had extremely limited access to water. She told me her stories as a young woman growing up in this unforgiving region, stories like walking all day for a single jug of unsanitary water. At times they would walk all day, only to find that the well had dried up. And she had to witness the horror of a child dying of thirst.

For obvious reasons, these experiences had a lasting impact on Sobonfu. When she first arrived in the US, she couldn’t believe that water literally flowed out of the walls. Sobonfu felt that she needed to bring this technology back home to those who desperately needed it.  Sobonfu founded an organization called Wisdom Spring. Wisdom Springs’ objective is to bring health, education, and clean water to indigenous people around the world.

After reading one of Sobonfu’s books, Americans Susan Hough and Kristen Wood came on board with a unique concept; to raise awareness on the water crisis in American high schools.  The result of their effort has been positive on two distinct fronts, first, in bringing aid to communities in need, and second, in teaching American teens the power of positive action.

I’m honored that the team has agreed to let me tell their story and I feel passionate about sharing it with the world through the power of film.