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The Age of Aquarius. The Dawn of a New Era. The “Shift”…. Whatever you want to call it, we are living in a time full of both promise and challenge. Join author Eric Rankin as he delves into any number of topics: From spirituality to energy medicine to dolphin intelligence to ancient aliens, no subject is too far outside of the box to discuss.

In 2010, Eric’s bestselling novel “The Aquarians” became Amazon’s 2nd highest rated science fiction title, and he has been a guest on many TV and radio programs discussing humanity’s movement into the dawning Aquarian Age. For centuries, this “New Age” has been regarded as a time when the world will wake up to what mystics and shamans call the “Next Level” of consciousness.

Eric’s family began visiting Laguna in the early 1960s, and he actually lived in one of the Treasure Islands trailers where the Montage now stands. He vividly remembers having long talks with Eiler Larson, Laguna’s official greeter, and continues to enjoy strolling Laguna’s beautiful shoreline as often as possible.

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