Full English Breakfast


Cousins Jason & Martyn were born in Leeds, England in the swinging sixties. They were four & six years old in 1970. That’s why they don’t remember the sixties. If you can remember the sixties, you’re older than them. If you care about that, you’re an idiot. Other ways to know if you’re an idiot are: you don’t like Indian food; you think Scotland is in England; you think Led Zeppelin is American; you listen to Jimmy Buffett in your car on the way to your office in Irvine.

If you think “idiot” is a bit strong, you’re a moron.

Come on now, this show is just two British born cousins, bantering and commenting on stuff about which they have scant knowledge. It’s not brain surgery.

And the music is the best there is.

Feel free to contact these lads for more reasons why you’re an idiot/moron.

When Jason was a little kid his Dad moved to San Juan Capistrano & as a result, he’s been visiting these shores regularly since the early ’70’s. He moved to Laguna permanently in 2000.

As a singer/songwriter, Jason has toured the globe and continues to do so. He lives to make music and to collaborate with others. He knows how fortunate he is to be able to do it for a living. He is very excited about KX 93.5 and believes it will be the most unifying and refreshing media event in Laguna Beach since Timothy Leary threatened to put acid in the water supply.

Martyn is also on the show.