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Welcome to Jazz Quest Radio! Guitarists Brett Ecklund & Tommy Benson of the band Jazz Quest are the hosts of this show that takes you deep into the landscape of jazz. With jazz from the masters, as well as contemporary artists and local jazz musicians. We feature timeless masterpieces and discover obscure cult classics from the Jazz Age. We also discuss local jazz happenings and interview “jazzy” locals from the Laguna Beach community. Plus, hear Brett and Tommy perform live on each and every show! \m/

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Music and conversation with virtuoso pianist Cameron Graves. Here is what visionary saxophonist Kamasi Washington had to say about Cameron Graves: “Cameron Graves is a musical genius. He has an innovative approach to the piano that is completely unique. Cameron’s new album ‘Planetary Prince’ is an amazing and almost unbelievable combination of modal jazz, romantic era […]
This week the wonderful Laurie Pepper joins Brett and Tommy live in the Pearl Street studio for music and conversation. Laurie was married to the late great alto saxophonist Art Pepper. She, along with music her loyal archivist Rocco Bertels, share some rare and never before heard recordings of Art, shining new light on his […]