John Troy’s Crunchy Groove Sack


What is American music? The answer is as various and motley as America’s history and culture. As a (still) performing musician with over forty years’ experience in the musical trenches as a sideman to the stars, ensemble player, and solo artist, I am in the happy position to offer esoteric insight and perspective on the songs we will enjoy together. We will learn how songs have been interpreted and re-interpreted through the years. We will cull songs from genres across the musical spectrum and we will discover artists who, though little known or forgotten, cast a long shadow down to the present day. We will realize how all these different styles are connected. And, finally, we will be reminded that songs, like people, stand on the shoulders of what came before.

Are you interested in music? Well, so am I. Listen!


John Troy is in partnership with Taylor Guitars, Warwick Basses and Trickfish Amplification.

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Fun to climb on, the big a-hole, scratchy thing, pushed it out into the fjord, fast moving  heavyweight, spark & dookie, tats & vapes, a big thing that sits there, tripping my brains out, hallucinated all over Jimi, ruminate on that.
Not only checkered, blue collar musicians, kick my guitar, born white, cowards, resonator tube, nailed down tight, keep your ass up, perfect little song, not dead air, women were men, a golden touch, suffering in silence, ran away and threw up.
Homemade tats, there ARE stupid questions, step first, big bathroom, what a maroon, badeekaboomboomwack, just sing the damn melody, deep funk, double you double you double you, because I’m the daddy, doesn’t make sense but it works.
Yucking it up, never really cared, using the whole neck, chunky monkey, that stuff is greasy, lost their minds, sufficiently strange, Paul could get up there, they ran out of cats, wunky, beans and franks out ma face.
We who are about to clam, another dead guy, they got a thing, strum frantically, I don’t know to what, I would hate them, wide skank, you’re a crappy driver, the love left the room, you’re in a cave, you go with the odds, hit by a train (no, really), his body didn’t move.
Awful cranky, three Kings, the king of sex, chunky monkey, realized he understood, collateral noise, a physical thing, an overdose of lead, little fella, turns her loose, gets into your bones, burying friends and lovers, bleed into each other, you gotta hit ‘em, I’m not religious…but, you want to set the hook, you try it, […]
Surviving members, no stinkin’ drums, you try it, chopmeister, Portuguese precursor, on the one, gimme that remote, louder than God, put the snare forward, dried it up, about 500 strings on it, you finally got one right, an apple in a bowl, you better strap in, complicated yet boring, hear the brushing, it’s a thing, every […]