Laguna Roots Reggae


Dan Stafford was born and raised in Laguna Beach and still resides here! His love for the music, ocean, and art has come from the experiences and lifestyle of living in Laguna. Since the second grade at El Morro Elementary School, Dan can remember listening to reggae music from Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, and even recalls his first live reggae concert at main beach of a long time local reggae band Rebel Rockers in 1981. Over the years he has DJ’d many clubs, restaurants, and private events here in town, sharing his broad reggae selection and even spent 2008-2009 putting on live shows at what was upstairs from Mosun, Club M. Bands from Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, California, and local talent from our very own LB came to showcase their roots reggae sound! Today, Dan will be joining KX 93.5 every monday night from 10-11pm with his show titled Laguna Roots Reggae! He will be playing a variety of old classic reggae tunes from Jamaica dating back to the early 70’s all the way to modern day reggae tracks from artists that now reach the four corners of the earth… Dan will turn the town on to new reggae music artists and songs as well as talk about everyday Laguna lifestyle topics that pertain to the show, as well as have an occasional guest come on and share their living experiences here in Laguna Beach and make some reggae song selections of their own… Enjoy!