Laguna Talks


Billy Fried’s day job is Chief Experience Officer of La Vida Laguna, an experiential teambuilding company. When he’s not transforming company cultures, Billy writes The Kibitzer, a bi-weekly column on local issues for the Laguna Beach Independent. A committed activist and environmentalist, Billy sits on the Board of Transition Laguna.
Meet Ivan Spiers, owner of Laguna’s Mozambique and Sky Loft, two of the most happening restaurants in town. Both feature live music nearly every night of the week, and both offer rooftop dining. Listen to Ivan’s extraordinary journey from Durban, South Africa to Laguna, via London, and his years in the music and apparel businesses.
After 3 years of development, the Ranch Laguna Beach Resort just opened what might be the coolest boutique hotel on the plant, cut deep into the canyon, with golf, spa, restaurants and an amazing chill vibe. Listen to visionary Mark Christy and GM Kurt Bjorkman reveal the manifestation of a dream.
Paul has spent a lifetime in local, national, and international politics. He served as an aid to Presidential candidate Gary Hart, served two terms as mayor of Laguna, and traveled the Middle East, African and Asia as a member of the State Department. Here’s his thoughts on the recent Presidential election.
Laguna Beach is in the process of banning all short term vacation rentals. Passion is running high on both sides of the argument. Jason Vogel and Carl Kikerpill founded HomeSharing4Laguna to advocate for sensible legislation to allow limited short-term rentals. This is their story.
  Is OC quickly becoming VR Alley? First there was Oculus, an Orange County startup that sold for $2 billion to Facebook after just 3 years. Now there’s Laguna Beach’s NextVR, makers of virtual reality content and software. They’re in the midst of closing their Series B round, valuing the company at a whopping $800 million. […]