LAGUNAPALOOZA: The Fantasy Concert, host R.J. Catano will “Rock Your Socks” with some of your favorite songs, artist, and bands, and then give you a new, dynamic “Fantasy Concert.”

R.J. Catano brings you genres of music while crossing over generations of rock.  With a mix of live and studio recordings, Lagunapalooza will “rock your socks” and craft artists into “headliners” and featured “opening artist” producing a new and  dynamic “Fantasy Concert”. With it comes a little bit of history that surrounds all of this great music.  So the stage is set and the house lights are coming down.  For our listening audience, this is

LAGUNAPALOOZAThe Fantasy Concert –  Mixing Music with History

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Baby Love, with this Fantasy You Really Got A Hold On Me your like a Heatwave, plus I Heard It Through The Grapevine you think That It’s The Same Old Song, but I Can’t Help Myself cause I’m A Stubborn Kind Of Fella and I know You Can’t Hurry Love.  How Sweet It Is To Be Loved […]
Featured this week are Rock Songs (some R & B) that were featured in movies, includes songs by Chuck Berry, Smash Mouth, James Brown, Blue Swede, Curtis Mayfield, Tom Petty, Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Ozo Matli, Queen, and Cheech and Chong.  “The Envelope Please”.
This FANTASY BEE GEE CONCERT cures “Lonely Days”, Saturday “Night Fever” , crazy “Nights On Broadway”, is great for “Staying Alive” and it’s “How You Can Mend A Broken Heart”. How you ask? “No Jive Talkin” here “You Should Be Dancing”.
This FANTASY is Home Sweet Home to the Wild Side of MOTLEY CRUE, so Don’t Go Away Mad, if the Same Ol Situation is To Fast For Love, Dr. Feelgood prescribes Smokin In The Boys Room, even if your To Young To Fall In Love
Its a Fantasy Concert when Walking In My Shoes.  Reason?  People Are People with Strange Love and every Pleasure Little Treasure.  Why?   Master and Servant Just Can’t Get Enough when Everything Counts.  But my Personal Jesus will Never Let Me Down, its just a Question of Time.   Depeche Mode.