Old Skool Bump


Taking you way back to the Afro-licious stylings of Motown, R&B and funk, straight from the 60’s and 70’s. You will definitely get more bounce to the ounce with your host Billy Fried on Laguna’s only funk radio. WEFUNK.

Note a portion of the show (the closing dialogue) is not available because of operator error, but the entire playlist is still available. Enjoy! Ring of Honor Pay-Per-View! Young Bucks! GLOW Premiere! A.C. Slater! Captain Chaos! Hosts Lacey Gaitan and Joe Camero are talking wrestling and previewing Ring of Honor “Best in the World” with […]
Inspired by a recent “Mindfulness” edition of Time Magazine, Eric and Michelle explore just what it means to be mindful in an increasingly hectic world. Guests Steven Sadler and Dr. Amelia Hardwick share many valuable tools to help you drop into a more mindful state, which research has shown can improve not only your mental […]