Open Water


Host Kevin Flaherty spent 13 years in the ‘old’ music business and presently works in digital media.  He insists none of that qualifies him as a DJ, of course, but he won’t let that stop him.  He just moved his family to Laguna Beach last year, where he was pleased to find an outpost for music fans in KX 93.5 and a community full of true believers.

“Independent” is a word that gets thrown around a lot.  It doesn’t have to mean indie labels or self-distribution — just independent thinking.  No guilty pleasures and nothing uncool.  You don’t need to listen to everything, but be open.

On Open Water, you’re bound to hear a bunch of new stuff from struggling bands, songs featured in movies & TV series, deeper cuts off recent records, rare versions, and other ephemera — in addition to some great older stuff that still crackles.  If you like what you hear, go digest the album, see it live, make it yours.

(Oh, and his 13-year-old daughter took that picture of him.  He’s not really a spooky artist, but he thinks it’s pretty great all the same).

show 52 heralds indie darlings Perfume Genius & Johnny Jewel, and the return of the tireless Paul Weller — who squeezes another album for the ages out of his bare British hands Wavves — No Shade  /  Pond — All I Want for Xmas (Is a Tascam 388)  /  Black Lips — In My Mind There’s a Dream  /  Doug Tuttle — In […]
show 51 wasn’t contemplated as a rush job.  but rush jobs never are.  blame would be shared by the studio equipment and its human operator for the flub that transposed Waxahatchee for Cayetana.  after that, it was more civil — and surprisingly cohesive. Cayetana — Am I Dead Yet?  /  Waxahatchee — No Curse  /  BNQT — Mind of a Man  /  […]
the devil is in the details.  and the electronics.  and the production room.  and the headphones.  some said it coulda been English Beat saxophonist Saxa, from the great beyond.  turned out it was the electrician. Ride — All I Want  /  Aphex Twin — 4xAtlantis take1  /  Beach Fossils — Silver Tongue  /  BNQT — Hey Banana  /  Mark Lanegan Band — Beehive  /  PJ Harvey — I’ll […]
show 49 puts us back on-track, with some fuzzy Ron Gallo, some Kraut-y Trans Am, a little Little Star and a big Big Star.  plus Car Seat Headrest do the Smiths, and we try to play vinyl without blowing a fuse.  see what happens. Ron Gallo — Poor Traits of the Artist  /  Trans Am — Staying Power  /  […]
a couple insolent tweens storm the station, interspersing the cynical alt-rock with their merriment at just-being-alive.  it’s ultimately to no end, as the likes of Uranium Club, Damaged Bug, INVSN & GBV make it thru the barricades anyhow.  off to Coachella… Big Eyes — Curse of the Tides  /  Redd Kross — Stay Away from Downtown  /  Uranium Club — Rafter Man  /  […]
show 46 starts off like one of those sketchy bars you wander into after pulling off the freeway.  pretty soon you find yourself in an unwanted conversation that turns surprisingly heady and coherent.  you drink a little, dance a little, share too much, forget to pay, can’t find your car, but it’s all ok.  for […]
show 45 is a remote affair, as the host steps away to attend to another job — then proceeds to screw up the assembly of the show in post.  (how much genius is lost in post?  we may never know.)  but Open Water is its own organism, so the show goes on, with the likes […]
show 44 features British, Australian and American bands, cooked up in a heady stew by its Irish-American host — whose youngest daughter joins in the fun in the last few minutes, just to give him some needed context.  PINS, NE-HI, Dick Diver, The Moonlandingz… what could go wrong?  and what more could you want?  and […]