Open Water


Host Kevin Flaherty spent 13 years in the ‘old’ music business and presently works in digital media.  He insists none of that qualifies him as a DJ, of course, but he won’t let that stop him.  He just moved his family to Laguna Beach last year, where he was pleased to find an outpost for music fans in KX 93.5 and a community full of true believers.

“Independent” is a word that gets thrown around a lot.  It doesn’t have to mean indie labels or self-distribution — just independent thinking.  No guilty pleasures and nothing uncool.  You don’t need to listen to everything, but be open.

On Open Water, you’re bound to hear a bunch of new stuff from struggling bands, songs featured in movies & TV series, deeper cuts off recent records, rare versions, and other ephemera — in addition to some great older stuff that still crackles.  If you like what you hear, go digest the album, see it live, make it yours.

(Oh, and his 13-year-old daughter took that picture of him.  He’s not really a spooky artist, but he thinks it’s pretty great all the same).

the wayback machine makes a couple stops in ’81 & ’82 tonight — then returns to portions of 2017 that sound a helluva lot like ’81 & ’82  thank Frankie Rose, Mourn, THICK and the lot.  and yes, we give passing mention and enduring love to the Lost Heartbreaker. Protomartyr — Here is the Thing  /  […]
two hours is a long time.  especially when the mic sounds like it comes from inside a soupcan.  (I’m on it — trust.)  meanwhile, it’s a bevy of new and not-so, w/ even-yet-still-more Ted Leo, a Mourn cover, more Castle Face, a dual Deer Tick, a post-punk set for you malcontents, and a goth set […]
another helping of Ted Leo.  a fitting sendoff to Bent Shapes.  plus re-worked Wedding Present, fittingly esoteric Ariel Pink, and some old stuff that’s nonetheless new.  oh, and another cock-up just to lay claim to the DIY ethos. Ted Leo — Lonsdale Avenue  /  The Wedding Present — Shatner  /  Makthaverskan — Eden  /  Ariel Pink — Time to […]
“for a start take two Grant Harts / and call me when you die.”  a little tribute, a little try-to-move-on.  du you know the way to Minneapolis? Husker Du — Don’t Want to Know if You Are Lonely  /  The Posies — Grant Hart  /  Mourn — Color Me Impressed  /  The Replacements — I Will Dare (live at […]
the male gaze turns to you, with some new finds from the past 6 days, and some non-perishables pulled from the back right corner of the fridge.  oh, and who can resist a trifecta of covers?  not I. Tera Melos — Men’s Shirt  /  Male Gaze — Keep Yr Kools  /  Escape-ism — Almost No One (Can Have My Love) […]
show 67 heralds the return of some of our prodigal sons — new stuff from Omni, The Front Bottoms, Pere Ubu & Tera Melos; Castle Face continues to exercise a desperate grip on the latter half; and Alex Dezen gets a twofer cuz he works just. that. hard.  Tejas-sized love to Houston. Pere Ubu — Monkey […]
arrrrrgh…  people.  (and also, new stuff from AJJ, GBV, Radiator Hospital, Rainer Maria, and a back-to-back whack from Castle Face).      but arrrgh… people. POW! — Necessary Call  / Duds — Elastic Feel  / Mike Krol — Natural Disaster  / Guided by Voices — Diver Dan  / Teen Vice — Think Tank  / The Stranglers — Toiler on the Sea / Big Black Delta […]
show 65 finds itself a little garage rock-y at the outset, before diving back to the ‘90s for a short spell, then doing the goth for a cool 7 minutes, only to come out the other side with some harmless indie.  no Glen Campbell.  he woulda wanted it that way. Ty Segall — Another Hustle  / Creepseed — Holy Roller  […]
does the vocal this week throw off a bit of a we-have-your-daughter-and-we-want-our-money vibe?  that’s what you get with a B-grade Guitar Center mic and a glass desk, and a room more suitable to shooting a YouTube video on how to bedazzle your prom dress, than it is to recording.  somebody get Marc Maron on the […]
it’s all for, Damien.  spanking new stuff from Weaves, Wolf Parade & Lemon Twigs, along with some rough stuff from the ‘Mats and the Smiths, and Jarvis Cocker genuflecting graciously to Scott Walker.  all for the low, low price of nada. Weaves — #53  /  Wolf Parade — Valley Boy  /  Tera Melos — Don’t Say I Know  /  The Lemon Twigs — Night […]
a special 2-hour edition of the Water brings some classic reggae, a double-dose of Daddy Issues, new ones by Teen Vice, See Through Dresses, Japans Breakfast & Brightness, plus a temperamental turntable and a host who doesn’t even have the excuse of having shown up half in the bag. Teen Vice — Cochon Deluxe  /  Jason Loewenstein — Fall […]
I’m not here this week, but I’ve left this life-like approximation of my sensibilities, soundtracked to the best low-budget music a nonprofit station can afford.  David Nance channels Merle Haggard, GBV have yet-another-album coming, and otherwise it’s a lotta stuff from 6 to 9 months ago because I didn’t have time to listen to all […]
the very very good Cymbals Eat Guitars blew into town and cut a fantastic 30-min. session for us, that includes blistering live takes on their fan-fave “Chambers” plus “Well” & “Have a Heart” from the new album, Pretty Years. Joseph D’Agostino – gtr, vox Matt Whipple – bass Brian Hamilton – keybds Andrew Dole – […]
Ted Leo arrives 10 seconds before I do, which is why I sound breathless and even more incoherent than usual.  the 405 is a trickster fox — one minute, forgiving and seductive; the next, … just never mind.  PILL & Protomartyr are back.  all the best bands start with “P.”  except Poco. Ted Leo — You’re […]
I couldn’t take life’s often pallid soundtrack, without some skronking sax.  so thank gods PILL is back.  and it’s guitars on all sides, what with the likes of American Lips, Jason Loewenstein and King Gizzard giving the goods.  I dusted off an old R.E.M. boot and found a pricey Superdrag set to light the turntable […]