The Friendship Show


Join the conversation with Mark Miller and Dawn Price every Saturday morning at 9:00am.

Each week brings a full hour of stimulating conversation about real issues and the chance to visit with old and new friends.

SPONSORED BY FRIENDSHIP SHELTER – reaching out for more than 26 years to rebuild lives in our community.


Dr. Karen Redding and Bulelwa Sigwili come from very different places but, together they share a common goal; To compassionately meet suffering where it exists.  Here’s what they had to say about personal experiences, common values and their approach to Social Work.
At OGRADY SOLUTIONS Kevin O’Grady believes  that the social and emotional health of students is essential to their success as students and citizens of a global community.  We had the chance to talk with Dr. O’Grady about School Culture, Conflict Resolution, Student Development and College Access.
Western Youth Services advances awareness, cultivates success and strengthens communities through mental health services for children, youth and families.  We had a chance to talk with Dania Lizalde and Amy Chi about this great Orange County organization and their new Outreach and Engagement Program.
The Sisters of St. Joseph, Mission Hospital and these four incredible women have created a new ministry of hope, service and justice in our community.  Meet Monica, Gena, Celina and Sr. Jayne Helmlinger, and hear what they have to say about how The St. Joseph Worker Program has changed their lives so they can help change the lives […]
Richard Bautzer is one of the original founders of BBK an exceptional mental health service agency dedicated to providing services to all members of our community regardless of ability to pay or lack of insurance.  Here’s what Richard had to say about keeping families and our communities healthy.
Andrew Castillo works on the frontline of Friendship Shelter’s programs. Here’s how his background in sociology, philosophy and criminal justice helps change the lives of people every day. Alyssa Ceja was here as well to talk about how her work in human resources helps residents get JOBS!