The Friendship Show


Join the conversation with Mark Miller and Dawn Price every Saturday morning at 9:00am.

Each week brings a full hour of stimulating conversation about real issues and the chance to visit with old and new friends.

SPONSORED BY FRIENDSHIP SHELTER – reaching out for more than 26 years to rebuild lives in our community.


Stephanie Paul is bringing her life experience and training as a master communicator to Mission Viejo.  Here is what Stephanie had to say about how we connect to each other emotionally and what it’s like producing a TEDx event.
Here it is!  Our first interview with the one and only, Shaena Stabler.  Hear what she has to say about the new music and the life journey that has brought her to this point.  This is Shaena Stabler, UNEDITED.
Christy Cornwell, Mission Hospital Director of Community Benefit was here to talk about Each Mind Matters and why it’s important to Promise To Talk.  Listen here to learn more this social campaign that encourages our community to talk openly and honestly about our mental wellness.
Dr. Karen Redding and Bulelwa Sigwili come from very different places but, together they share a common goal; To compassionately meet suffering where it exists.  Here’s what they had to say about personal experiences, common values and their approach to Social Work.