The Fuzz


The Fuzz is a show dedicated to the underground. From surf to garage to psych and outsider blues, The Fuzz aims to bring some much needed noise to the quiet streets of Laguna, and churn up the inner rocker in all of us. Focusing on music spanning from the 60s to today, you’ll hear rare tracks from the vinyl vaults of show host Corey and will be spoon-fed live interviews and performances from local bands who are pushing the limits of rock and roll. Tune in every Monday night at 8pm and GET FUZZED.

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Ladies n Gents, you have before you some of the most sought after 45rpm soul tracks ’round the world. Lot’s of goodness comin’ your way, you’ll just have to make it through the new (and soon to be retired) Fuzz Intro…This episode is best played loud and on repeat. Yew! 1: Soul Vibrations – The […]
Let’s all give a warm welcome to the newest member of The Fuzz family lineage: Mr. Sawyer Townes Brindley. Here’s some weird folky tracks that should help inspire your aural senses and keep you going for years to come. Signed, Your dad. 1: Harry Nilsson – The Beehive State 2: The Beach Boys – She’s […]
A night chock full o’ psych-folk and a few other goodies! Lot’s of private press goodness to be had amongst other things. Enter the Fuzz. 1: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Calvin 2: The Echocentrics – Staring At The Ceiling Ft. James Petralli 3: Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Hihache 4: Damon – Dont You […]
As always, what you hear before you is a mash up of some fuzzed out tracks, old & new. All ends of The Fuzz spectrum are duly represented and ready to quench your thirsty ears… 1: Charlie Megira – The Wall Of Death 2: El Rego – Feeling You Got 3: Stella – L’idole des […]
How can I describe this episode in a few words? I can’t. There’s a lot of vintage soul, some funky stuff and a whole lot of Fuzz-worthy tracks, some I’ve played before and a few hidden gems. Keep tuning in, more like this to come! 1: Labi Siffre – I Got The… 2: Betty Davis […]
I broke down. I had to do it. I mean, the weather outside is delightful. Here’s a summery soundtrack that is literally just that, songs from weird, obscure soundtracks (well…most of em). I’d tell ya which ones, but I’d be a fool if I could pronounce even half of their titles on the air. Google […]
Welcome to your weekly Fuzz dosage. I hope it finds you well. This week’s gathering of goods is just that, gathered goods. I hope you dig wut I’m puttin’ down, eh?! 1: Screamin’ Jay Hawkin’s – I Am The Cool 2: Arthur Lee – Somebody’s Watchin You (Live) 3: Jarvis Cocker – Black Magic 4: […]
Dusty, down-home, Delta Blues. Served up with a side of Fuzz. Here’s a small take on how music in the states was born, and some pure examples of how it’s still alive and well. This is not an anthology, this is an appreciation of what was and what can be. 1: The Rolling Stones – […]
Contrary to popular belief, The Fuzz IS actually good for your health. It’s a scientific fact, acknowledged the world over and confirmed by the science community for thousands of years. Look it up, take a trip and sit down. Tonight’s episode should serve as a nice small journey into a bigger world of tunes. No […]
There’s a loose, underlying theme here fellow Fuzzers. We’ll call it taboo. 1: Ron Gallo – Kill the Medicine Man 2: Julie Doiron – Spill Yer Lungs 3: Dr. Jack van Impe – Rock Is The Devil’s Music 4: Patsy Cline – Strange 5: The Dramatics – The Devil Is Dope 6: Donovan & Jeff […]
Here you have it. A classic amalgamation of Fuzz tunes. No direction, but we’ll get deep into the fuzz. A bit of tunes from around the sphere of music. Too hard to quantify into a genre, yet still, they all sound like they belong together. Fuzz’s personal note: ‘belong together’ is a biased statement, and […]
Oh, what’s that? Yeah haha, I like music too. Oh, you wanna listen? Ah, ok, umm yeah, how about you turn on and into some Fuzz? Blues, folk, outsider-yeah-its-weird-but-I-like-it kinda thangs? In the words of Alex Chilton ‘Baby, I can dig it’. So let’s do just that. Dig it. 1: Alex Harvey Band – I’m […]
Whoa! Dig this one, vintage & rare tracks from the small island of Trinidad circa 1930-1950s-ish. Think old carnivals stomping through hot and dusty streets. Horn players, dancers, probably some Voodoo involved. If you remember one name, make it Wilmoth Houdini. Let’s get started. 1: The Mighty Sparrow – Slave 2: Mona Baptiste – Calypso […]
Ahhhh… the sweet smell of sunscreen and summer. The influx of tourists to your favorite hang spot, sand in your bed, sunburns and cold sweats, but at least you’ve got some tunes to accompany those bittersweet emotions. Eh? 1: The Babe Rainbow – Losing Something 2: The Human Beinz – Dance On Through 3: Boogarins […]