The Fuzz


The Fuzz is a show dedicated to the underground. From surf to garage to psych and outsider blues, The Fuzz aims to bring some much needed noise to the quiet streets of Laguna, and churn up the inner rocker in all of us. Focusing on music spanning from the 60s to today, you’ll hear rare tracks from the vinyl vaults of show host Corey and will be spoon-fed live interviews and performances from local bands who are pushing the limits of rock and roll. Tune in every Monday night at 8pm and GET FUZZED.

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Here you have it. A classic amalgamation of Fuzz tunes. No direction, but we’ll get deep into the fuzz. A bit of tunes from around the sphere of music. Too hard to quantify into a genre, yet still, they all sound like they belong together. Fuzz’s personal note: ‘belong together’ is a biased statement, and […]
Oh, what’s that? Yeah haha, I like music too. Oh, you wanna listen? Ah, ok, umm yeah, how about you turn on and into some Fuzz? Blues, folk, outsider-yeah-its-weird-but-I-like-it kinda thangs? In the words of Alex Chilton ‘Baby, I can dig it’. So let’s do just that. Dig it. 1: Alex Harvey Band – I’m […]
Whoa! Dig this one, vintage & rare tracks from the small island of Trinidad circa 1930-1950s-ish. Think old carnivals stomping through hot and dusty streets. Horn players, dancers, probably some Voodoo involved. If you remember one name, make it Wilmoth Houdini. Let’s get started. 1: The Mighty Sparrow – Slave 2: Mona Baptiste – Calypso […]
Ahhhh… the sweet smell of sunscreen and summer. The influx of tourists to your favorite hang spot, sand in your bed, sunburns and cold sweats, but at least you’ve got some tunes to accompany those bittersweet emotions. Eh? 1: The Babe Rainbow – Losing Something 2: The Human Beinz – Dance On Through 3: Boogarins […]
Welcome to this week’s episode of The Fuzz. We got a lil fundraiser happening this week to keep good radio alive, so you’ll hear me talk about all things non-profit, however it’s a sweet-toothed sword as I dive into some goodies for all y’all. Sit back n relax and let this long-play play out. I […]
Eh, not fully psychedelic I’d say, but it’s there! I chose a lot of these songs for the build up, the break down, and everything that happens inbetween. But yeah, playing a few 8min+ songs on the radio never hurt anybody, right? Dig that first track though! There’s honestly some gems on this one that […]
Tonight is brought to you via various psych projects from around the world and throughout the past few decades, namely late 60s thru the 70s. One of those sit back n zone out type of shows. I hope you’ll dig and then look these bands up and dig deeper. This episode was inspired in no […]
Lot’s of good tracks on this one, a few new ones from the likes of Ty, Froth and Meatbodies, and a few killer old ones from Africa & beyond circa 1970… dig that first track! 1: Kalyanji Anandji – Dharmatma Theme Music (Sad) 2: Marijata – Brain Washing 3: Horace Andy – Do You Love […]
‘Welcome back!’ Said The Fuzz to himself. ‘It’s been what, like 3 weeks?’. Yes. Yes it has. So in honor of the Return of The Fuzz, behold ‘Country Funk No. 2’, a continuation into the study of good cowboy music. Listen and weep children. 1: Lee Hazlewood – Califia (Stone Rider) 2: Sanford Clark – […]
Disregard the seriousness of this show’s title (not sure if I’m joking or not). This is not a death metal tribute. Far from it. It’s a journey into a plethora of genres, ready to be devoured by your hungry ears. Mostly pleasant, with some dark bluesy undertones coming at you when you least expect it. […]
Hows that weather, eh? Let me make you all warm and Fuzzy then. Here’s your weekly episode of your favorite music that you didn’t know was your favorite up until now. That’s why I’m here. FUZZ! 1. The Animals – Paint it Black (Live) 2. Alessi Brothers – Seabird 3. Funkadelic – Can You Get […]
Oooooweee. Happy Monday y’all, although if you’re reading this it’s most certainly not monday, but it’s still Monday as I’m uploading tonight’s episode and I’m glad you’re here. You’ll be even more glad once you press play, lot’s of good things happening on this show. Dig! Leonard Cohen – There is a War :: Everly […]
Damn! It feels good to be back on the air, even if it’s only been two weeks. Turn this one up one louder. What you are about to audibly endure will fill your head and keep you satisfied for the next week…until the next Fuzz Show. Deep soul tracks that have finally had a small […]
An hour long of tunes for those of us that fall somewhere between hohoho & bahhumbug. We may not love xmas tunes, we may not hate them (well…kinda), but regardless…. this is the 5th Annual Very Fuzzy Xmas Show, a time to spend drinking amongst loved ones, in a corner… by yourself. From Iggy Pop […]