The Sharin’ Hour


Hi.  I’m Sheran James, resident Brit, so don’t hold it against me if I sound funny.  The Sharin’ Hour (a pun on my name) is my attempt to “share” everything and everyone of interest I know in the hope they’ll be of equal interest to you.  Stuff I look for is: what makes us all tick?  Why do we choose the particular lives and careers we do?  I like people’s backstories and to that end, I interview the most fascinating people I can find and/or dig out archival material where they’ve publicly expressed themselves.  Or, I’ll pick some psychological topic to riff on and score it with relevant songs.  A mishmash then, the Sharin’ Hour, different every week, but always more than the sum of me and always aiming to leave us both with things to mull over.  Tune in to KX 93.5 in Laguna Beach every Sunday night around 6.00 p.m. or catch me via podcast on at any time.

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Via her own words–and those of Arthur Miller amongst others–as recounted in various interviews and documentaries, Sheran James of KX 93.5’s Sharin’ Hour pieces together the life of the neglected child who went on to become the most desirable woman in the world.
Should you or shouldn’t you strive to be authentic ?  It depends on whether you’re a high or a low “self-monitor”; can read other people’s minds correctly; and/or would allow your brain to be tampered with via TMS to improve your moral judgements.   Sheran James of The Sharin’ Hour on KX 93.5 explores these questions […]
David Francis is a champion equestrian, writer and lawyer who grew up on a farm in Australia, a wild and complex place that became the setting for his semi-autobiographical latest novel. Sheran James of KX 93.5’s The Sharin Hour interviews David about the ramifications of writing honestly and not always favorably about home and family.
A mother with dementia has to prove her love for her daughter; a dog has to provide more than love to its owner; a bride has to balance a romantic love with a professional obligation; a couple partake in an experiment claiming to be able to make anyone fall in love with anyone.  Sheran James […]