The Sharin’ Hour


Sheran James is our resident Brit.  Don’t hold it against her if she sounds funny or has been around since the Pleistocene era.  A veteran of Madison Avenue circa Mad Men, she’s produced award-winning commercials, designed award-winning houses (well, one), co-authored a best-selling book and launched a couple of NYC businesses.  Now settled in Laguna Beach, she’ll be hosting the Sharin’ Hour, dedicated to bringing you the most interesting people she knows and sharin’ their stories, Sundays at 7.00 p.m.  Tune in.  She needs you.

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If your brain were to be transplanted into someone else’s body, would you still be you…or them?  Are you your body or your brain–your consciousness, matter or soul–in fact, do you even as a personal entity exist?  Sheran James of KX 93.5 explores, with the aid of a couple of Oxford University philosophers.
Sheran James of The Sharin’ Hour on KX 93.5 explores dreams and lucid dreaming: ways to recall our dreams, examine their possible meanings and control their content; weird pasta dreams; “the shadow”; and the potential benefits of nightmares.
Sheran James of The Sharin’ Hour on KX 93.5 talks to JULIE SISK, owner and founder of the American Pavilion at Cannes in the South of France, the exclusive gathering place and educational hub for those attending the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.  Julie relates her adventures setting up a hospitality business in a foreign country, […]
Do you see yourself as a grown-up version of the child you’ve been?  Or as the adult you know yourself to be at this exact moment?  It makes a difference to your happiness, as psychologist Daniel Kahneman explains and essayist Meghan Daum explores.  Plus: imagine remembering EVERYthing–every insignificant thought or action of every waking moment […]
Art hides in the everyday, waiting to be rediscovered.  Sheran James interviews artist and former stage mother CARLA DANES and examines how all artists–literary, visual, magical, musical–“steal” from existing creations then disguise them.  With input from film director Tim Jenison, producer Farley Ziegler, bestselling author Austin Kleon, director/music buff Kirby Ferguson, and master thief Bob […]