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Mission Statement

To connect Laguna Beach and worldwide listeners with an open-door policy that allows the exposure of “Generational Alt Rock” musicians, non-profits, and community causes.

For more information on underwriting for your business on KX 93.5, email monica@kx935.com or call 949-715-4859.

What is Underwriting?

As a non-commercial station, KX 93.5 can't accept traditional advertising. However, organizations can suport the station through sponsorships and underwriting. Underwriters' contributions are tax-deductible and acknowledged on air.

Underwriting Messages May Include:

  • Business or organization name
  • Address, phone number, and website
  • Listing and value-neutral description of up to three products and/or services.
  • Business or organization specific event info: Date, time, location, and description

The Benefits:

  • The most affordable way to get your message to Orange County customers
  • No production cost - we will do the work for you!
  • No charge for revisions or modifications
  • You support an important, local public service
  • KX 93.5 reaches the most affluent, well educated, and sophisticated listeners



Premium (Prime Time)

Airing weekday mornings (6-10am), weekday afternoons (3-7pm) and weekends.

Messages Per Week          Price Per Month               Discount Per                                              Message 
             4 $440.00                        --------
             7 $677.60                       $3.30
            10 $858.00                       $6.05
            14 $1108.00                     $7.72
            21 $1478.40                     $9.90
$1848.00                     $11.00
           36   Best value!
$2088.00                     $13.00

Budget (Daytime)

Airing weekday middays (10am-3pm) and weekends.

Messages Per Week Price Per Month
                    4 $264.00
                    7 $400.40
                   10 $484.00
                   14 $554.40
                   21 $739.20

Show Sponsorships

Hourly mentions of your business on the specified KX 93.5 show for a maximum exposure.

Show Length of Contract Price per Month Total Price
Mornings (6-10am) 6 months $833.00 $5,000
Afternoons (3-7pm) 6 months $666.00 $4,000
Middays (10am-3pm) 6 months $500.00 $3,000
Public Shows 3 months $300.00 $900

Remote Broadcasts

Promotion of an event at your business for one week on-air and an appearance by KX 93.5 staff.

With live on-air announcements Without live on-air announcements
$200/hr $125 / hr

Web Advertising

Reach your audience through www.kx935.com

Banner on the listen live page for 30 days $200
Banner on the top of the home page for 30 days $250
Banner on the bottom of the home page for 30 days $100

Let us package an on-air, on-location, and online marketing campaign for you.
Just ask us for details.

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For more information on underwriting for your business on KX 93.5, email Monica@kx935.com or call 949-715-4859