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Support KX 93.5

Laguna’s Only FM

  • Underwrite with our non-profit, community radio station
  • Establish your business as a friend of Laguna Beach
  • Promote your sponsorship to 24,000 locals and over 3 million visitors
  • Underwriter packages starting as low as $216.00 per month

Let us make your
local message vocal.

What is underwriting?

As a non-commercial station, KX 93.5 can’t accept advertising. However, organizations can support the station through sponsorships and underwriting. Underwriters’ contributions are tax-deductible and acknowledged on the air and on the KX 93.5 website.

Underwriting messages may include:

  • Business or organization name
  • Address, phone number and/or website
  • Listing and value-neutral description of up to three products and/or services
  • Business or organization special event info: date, time, location and description

Premium (Prime Time)

Airing weekday mornings (6 a.m. - 10 a.m.), weekday afternoons (3 p.m. - 7 p.m.) and weekends.

Messages Per Week Messages Per Month Price Per Month Price Per Message Length of Message
4 16 $400.00 $25.00 30s
7 28 $616.00 $22.00 30s
10 40 $780.00 $19.50 30s
14 56 $1008.00 $18.00 30s
4 16 $368.00 $23.00 15s
7 28 $560.00 $20.00 15s
10 40 $680.00 $17.00 15s
14 56 $840.00 $15.00 15s

Budget (Daytime)

Airing weekday middays (10 a.m. - 3 p.m.), weekday nights (7 p.m. - 10 p.m.) and weekends.

Messages Per Week Messages Per Month Price Per Month Price Per Message Length of Message
4 16 $240.00 $15.00 30s
7 28 $364.00 $13.00 30s
10 40 $440.00 $11.00 30s
14 56 $504 .00 $9.00 30s
4 16 $216.00 $13.50 15s
7 28 $322.00 $11.50 15s
10 40 $380.00 $9.50 15s
14 56 $448.00 $8.00 15s

For even more exposure of your business, talk to us about adding more than 14 weekly messages and/or six-month or year-long contracts at an extremely discounted rate!

Sample Underwriting Message:

“Beach City Books, bringing you new and used books, sheet music, and other paper ephemera Tuesday through Saturday eleven to seven, and Sunday noon to four in downtown Laguna. Online at beachcitybooks.com. Beach City Books, building slow media one book at a time.”

Why Local Radio?

Local radio is clutter-free. We air only a few underwriting messages an hour and never more than two back-to-back. Our audience knows that music is only 30-seconds away and that they can easily stay tuned during our brief stops. That means that your message comes through loud and clear, not buried in a group of four to six minute-long commercials, as is often the case in commercial radio. And because KX 93.5 thanks you for your support, you’re automatically getting an endorsement from the station the loyal listener loves.

The Benefits:

  • The most affordable way to get your message out to Orange County
  • customers
  • No production cost – we will do the work for you!
  • You help support an important local
  • public service and provide your business with a significant marketing advantage
  • KX 93.5 is able to reach the beach’s most affluent, well educated and

Show Sponsorships

Hourly mentions of your business on the specified KX 93.5 show for maximum exposure.

Show Length of contract Price Per Month Total Price
Mornings (6-10am) 6 months $833.00 $5,000
Afternoons (3-7pm) 6 months $666.00 $4,000
Middays (10am-3pm) 6 months $500.00 $3,000
Public Shows 3 months $300.00 $900

Segment Sponsorships

Recurring mentions of your business during daily segments.

Segment Occurrence Price Per Month
Weather/Traffic/News Hourly, drive times $1,500
Surf Report Mornings & weekends $1,000

Remote Broadcasts

Promotion of an event at your business for one week on-air and an appearance by KX 93.5 staff

With live on-air announcements Without live on-air announcements
$500 $350

Monthly underwriting is payable as a single payment or in monthly installments for a lon- ger contract. Receive a 5% discount when you pay the total amount up-front. We have to charge 2.5% for all credit card transactions.

“The Pearl” Package

A unique combination of underwriting tactics to make your business stand out.

  • 112 messages in a month-long period (that’s four announcements a day!)
  • One two-hour remote broadcast at your business with a live DJ and on-air announcements
  • Exclusive sponsorship of the KX 93.5 volunteer show of your choice for 30 days
  • Promotion on the KX 93.5 website and social media
  • Promotion of your business on the signage of the next KX 93.5 event.


For more information, download our Underwriting PDF. To make an inquiry, please email Rudy@KX935.com