A complete Guide on Choosing Podcast Ideas

Audio and video podcasts have been on the rise since the popularity of music applications, and YouTube started to grow. People love podcasts to gain knowledge and perspective on different social topics or to listen to successful people share their stories.

If you are a beginner planning to look for podcast topics and the steps that ought to be considered, then this article is for you. We have a step-by-step procedure on how you can land on your next podcast idea.

Brainstorming Podcast ideas

Choosing an idea or a podcast topic is essential before starting. As a host, you must land on intriguing ideas that will keep your audience hooked until the end. According to the results of Apple podcast shows in May 2020, the most common topics people loved were based on true crime, investigative journalism, and also talk shows and interviews. Although you might be tempted to jump on any one of the ideas, it’s not the right approach to follow.

Before choosing the idea, creating a listener persona for your target audience is best. Once there is a persona, it is essential to create content to grab their attention. It could be by:

  • Narrating personal, heart-touching stories
  • Suspense stories
  • Success stories; etc

Listening to other podcasts on the same or similar topics can give a better idea of your decision-making.


The process of picking a topic

Once the steps mentioned above are done, it is time to pick the right topic for you and your audience. However, before doing so, it is crucial to find answers to the following questions:

  • Who is my audience?The audience is the people who are expected to listen to your podcast. Hence, you have to write for them, not you! Understanding the listener persona can help in deciding your target audience.
  • What are my interests?

Although the podcast is for the audience, you will be hosting it. Hence, it would help to find a topic you’re interested in. If you enjoy talking about it, your audience will enjoy listening to you!

  • What is your USP?

If you want to talk about how to lose weight, millions of people are also talking about it. So how you differentiate your podcast from theirs is your USP to help you expand your audience.

  • Can you make money?

Even if you’re a beginner, at some point, you will wish to monetize your site to make more money. This demands your time as a lot of research can be done on different ways by which you can monetize your podcasts.

Podcast Ideas

Here are some of the best podcast ideas you can try.

  • Your favorite topics
  • Share news from your town
  • Your struggles and experiences
  • Your review about something you have watched recently
  • A different perspective on a topic
  • Publish a top 10 list
  • Interview different types of people to share their stories; etc

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