Best Beer Podcasts You Must Follow In 2023

Podcasts are chances to hear stories of fun, history, and experience from different parts of the world. Beer podcasts are specific to the news of beer, their brewing procedures, the hindrances faced during brewing procedures, and solutions for the same.

There are several options for beer podcasts online that people can follow to follow their passion for brewing, of which we have mentioned a few in this article.

Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine Podcast

The podcast is recorded in Fort Collins, Colorado, US, and they publish a minimum of two podcasts every week. It covers all the exclusive news and headlines from famous and world-class brewers. These professionals help in covering in-depth knowledge about the brewing industry and the different trends that are followed in the industry. You can also get informed about tips on how to make the best beer.

Good Beer Hunting

With one episode every week, Good Beer Hunting has become a crucial, creative, and curious voice of the beer world. They have won awards in the best beer interview podcast categories with industry experts, solving problems and informing about the greatest ways to craft the finest beers in the world.

Master Brewers Podcast

If you make beer for a living, this podcast channel is the Bible for brewing great beers. Although they air only three episodes every month, they are downloaded by millions of people across the world that are  either big names in the beer industry or starting as newbies. Irrespective of the expertise, everyone in the industry must follow this podcast as it digs deep into the science of brewing, its technology, which involves deep technical talks, and the history of brewing.

Experimental Brewing

You can sit down and listen to the conversation between Drew Beechum and Denny Conn, the pioneers of home brewing. They not only explain to their audience the art of brewing but also give the craziest ideas on how to grow significantly in the brewing business. They also involve you in the science of pursuing the best beer in the world.

Steal This Beer

Learn every week about the greatest brewing strategies by beer gurus John Holl and Augie Carton. They help in delivering to their audience the most pressing issues in the development of craft beers and some industry insiders. They also discuss the current trends, topics, and issues in the beer industry and unique ways to resolve these issues.

Beer Busters Podcast

Located in Pennsylvania in the United States, the podcast is a road podcast involving Dan Baker, Wayne Baker, and Stephan Heffner. They travel and visit different breweries, beer stops, and bars on the road and have an intellectual chat with pioneers in the beer industry. You can involve in their fun and knowledgeable podcast, which has two episodes every quarter.

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