Best Radio Stations to Listen to Right Now

New successful songs and news continue to be broadcast through radio stations even in modern times, and radio has a vast audience. If you wish to follow up with the updated musical trends, internet radio provides one of the greatest places to listen to tailored music. The fact that internet radio stations are not geographically confined is by far their strongest feature. Here are some of the top radio stations you can listen to right now.


With outstanding listener support, KEXP is Seattle’s station, and for good reason. They also collaborate with Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project at the University of Washington. The station features the greatest in independent, alternative, and avant-garde music and frequently schedules rare live performances by artists who are either rising to fame or who are already well-known. The perfect setting for discovering new music and even musicians from alternative music movements.

Pandora Radio

The biggest streaming music service in the US, Pandora Radio is a top platform for podcasts and music discovery. Users can rate the songs they have heard to by giving them a thumbs up or down. Depending on their opinion of the music, they can either give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The playlists on Pandora Internet Radio are then customized as a result.


East Londoners are not the only ones that maintain their eclecticism; Dublab, an online radio station situated in Los Angeles, is proof of this. This station, which broadcasts 5 days a week, provides DJs the opportunity to thrive and broadcast the music they love.

Dublab also places a strong emphasis on supporting up-and-coming musicians who are distinctive in their style and who cross the boundaries of micro-genres. Followers and musicians alike owe dublab a debt of gratitude for being so transparent in a scene where a lot of people are careful about sharing samples or track IDs.

Worldwide FM

As the name implies, people from all around the world tune in to this station. Worldwide FM, which was launched by DJ Gilles Peterson, features a range of programs, including live music performances and in-depth debates. Worldwide FM is an internet radio station with a base in London and affiliate offices in, Los Angeles, Kyoto, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, and Rio.

This is the ideal setting to become familiar with international music cultures and underground music scenes. Numerous international ambassadors are also welcomed into Worldwide FM’s headquarters to discuss the domestic music scene in their nation.


Since it initially began broadcasting in Hackney, London, in 2011, NTS has been revolutionizing live radio. It was founded by Femi Adeyemi. Among the styles you could listen on NTS include disco, experimental, techno, and classical. Dive in and explore a realm of sub-genres from known DJs, tastemakers, and more. You can find a show you’ll adore if you browse the NTS archives and schedule as well.

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