How to Become a Radio DJ

If you are a person who likes to interact with people and does not like to sit in the traditional office setup and stare at the screen 24/7, you may try the competitive field of radio DJ. It is one such profession that will allow you to interact with others, listens to interesting stories, and use your creative ideas to reach out to a diverse and vast audience. By being a radio RJ, you will be able to use your technical skills and interpersonal skills to provide a creative and entertaining experience to your audience.

If you are an outgoing person who possesses well-developed interpersonal skills, research skills, and technical knowledge, you can become a start radio DJ. You can look into this guide to understand how you can peruse a career as a radio DJ.

Bachelor’s degree


Even though the education qualification for the DJs varies from employer to employer, having a bachelor’s degree in communication, broadcasting or journalism can give you a competitive edge. This course will help you in building a strong foundation and teach you all the basic skills that are needed. This course will help you gain knowledge in media research, broadcast writing, news reporting, and radio announcing which are essential to becoming a radio DJ.

Do an internship

One of the most important aspects that are as important as formal education is experience. So, doing an internship is highly recommended. Along with understanding the working of a radio station, you will be able to build your network and meet professionals in the industry. So, if your college or university is opening an internship related to radio broadcasting, grab the opportunity to get the right roadmap.

Get experience

radio stations

You can gain more experience through campus radio stations. By working in the university radio station, you will be able to understand the behind-the-screen process and explore the on-air experience. Through these radio stations in college, you can acquire skills to engage with the listeners and understand how to make your show more interesting. You can also acquire knowledge about FCC rules, broadcasting rules and laws, and station programming.

Make an entertaining and engaging reel

When you are applying for a job as a radio DJ, the stations will often ask you to make a reel and submit it along with your resume. Reels will allow your employer to evaluate your interpersonal skills and understand how effective your show will be on air. It will help the station to understand how you sound on air, how engaging, and how skillful you are in communication. So, while submitting your resume, make sure that you are providing your best work and showcasing your full talent.

Use this guide to equip yourself with the right skills and qualifications required to become a radio DJ.

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