Internet Radio Stations To Listen To In 2023

Many online radio stations are available in today’s radio broadcasts, which you can access from your phone or computer. From the latest music to news and information stations, many options are available for every genre. If you are looking for the best internet radio stations in 2023, here is a carefully curated list to match all your preferences.

New York’s Best Variety Radio Station – WLTW 106.7 Lite FM

The station is owned by iHeartMedia, which is considered the US best and the torments radio station. The channel WLTW 106.7 Lite generally entertainers its listeners with all types of music from the 80s to modern-day pop, rap, and many others. You can skip a few songs if you’re not interested in them, save your favorite songs to the radio, and many other interesting features. Some of the music which you get to hear are:

  • Pop
  • Disco
  • New wave
  • Punch, and many more from different artists

Electronic Music Internet Radio: DI.FM

This station was launched in 1999, and DI stands for Digitally Imported as an internet radio service that allows you to play electronic music all day long. In addition to choosing your songs, you can also take help from their curators, who help you form a playlist based on your taste and interest. You can also pick the best ones from synth, EDM, dance, techno, class, and many more. You can also listen through a playlist file if you’re a paid user.

The best radio station for relaxing music: is Relax FM

It is one of the best stations owned by a company from Moscow, Russia. This is unique from the above two channels, which include foreign, English, and instrumental music, which will help you relax and calm you down. The station also adds multiple channels to choose from – Relax Latino, relax Gold, Relax Life and Relax nature. While it is available to every other listener from Moscow, people worldwide can also access this section and relax.

Internet radio for Indie Music: SomaFM

It is a commercially free radio station that offers multiple ways for people to listen to and enjoy Indie pop music. The radio DJs of the channel are experts in hand-picking the best songs, which you can directly lay from your browser and download into your favorite media player. Many famous artists like Carrol, Amanda Cadore, Aloha, Beck, and Neko Case are featured on this music station. You can also add your favorite songs to the playlist and download them whenever possible. They are available on different Android, iOS, and many other phones. You can play any song, from the 2000s hits to the latest indie pop music.

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