Special guest Robin Lee Riddell is the owner of coastal eddy a gallery. She is also one of 34 artists showing their work at her ceramic gallery in Laguna Beach, California. Robin has dabbled in many creative fields, always feeding her artistic expression. She has owned a custom invitation company, a bakery in NYC, and was Director of Catering and Event Planning for Corporate MCA/Universal. With the introduction to clay, Robin was immersed. Soon she was asked to join a Cooperative Gallery, started to sell her work and was noticed by the local press for her first show. It was time to move on and create her own gallery. A space that would not only be about ceramics but also a platform for her civil rights activism. Feeling that, “Art itself is political”, the gallery, for the last 5 years has played, “a role in challenging the relationship between the art itself and the spectator.” In the future, Robin is planning an installation and other ceramic shows that will look to engage the community. Robin currently resides in Laguna Beach with her 3 dogs. Most days she can be found at coastal eddy a gallery located at 1417 S. Coast Highway, 949.715.4113