Deep Blue Sea

Don’t let the title fool you, this is not a Raffi mixtape (those born in the 90’s, just ignore the trivial reference). A mixed up recipe for good livin’ is all you need to get through this week. Enjoy some new tracks from resident Fuzz Show bands like Night Beats, Devendra Banhart, etc… and then find yourself immersed in some things I’ve dug up from the crates and interwebs…
1: The Liminanas – Cold Was The Ground
2: Art Lown – Deep Blue Sea
3: Trey Gruber – Last July
4: Devendra Banhart – Kantori Ongaku
5: J.J. Cale – Wish I Had Not Said That
6: Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
7: Funkadelic – Music For My Mother
8: Monophonics – La La La Love Me
9: Manfred Mann – A ‘B’ Side
10: CAN – Mushroom
11: L’Epee – Dreams
12: Screaming Lord Sutch – Flashing Lights
13: Ty Segall – My Lady’s On Fire
14: Night Beats – Shot Down