#117 Deep Cuts – Chris Cornell and Christine

On this, the 117th episode of Deep Cuts we are joined by longtime super fan and resident grunge expert Christine to celebrate the life and music of the late Chris Cornell.  We play some Deep Cuts from Chris’s entire career including his solo work (killer covers of Billie Jean and Imagine) as well as his tenure as the frontman of legendary bands Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog.

I can say without ego it’s one of our better sounding shows in some time.  The setlist flowed together seamlessly, we didn’t talk all that much and mostly rocked.

As music fans, it’s been a very difficult couple of years for us as we have all to frequently lost artists that matter to us, truly original humans that produced meaningful artistic contributions to our collective lives.  We know that Chris won’t be the last, he certainly wasn’t the first to fall victim to his struggles with addiction.  We hope that we can however not dwell on how he left this world, but more importantly, celebrate the contributions he made to it while he was here.

So sit back, tune in and let these Deep Cuts wash over you in an awesome wave.