#42 Deep Cuts – Duane Allman Retrospective Rare Vinyl

Duane Allman's music featured on KX935's Deep Cuts Vinyl Only Radio Show

This episode of Deep Cuts features the amazing guitar of Duane Allman. Taken from this world far too soon, Duane was a true prodigy.  A unique player that greats like Eric Clapton sought out to collaborate with.  Duane is best known for his contributions to the Allman Brothers Band of course; however, it’s his work as a session musician that really shines on the vinyl that we play during this stage.

Duane’s earlier work in 1968 at Muscle Shoals and then later for Atlantic records as well.  His collaboration with Wilson Pickett on a stirring rendition of Hey Jude reached the top of the charts and is featured on the episode of Deep Cuts on pristine vinyl for your listening enjoyment.

So sit back, relax, and let these Deep Cuts wash over you in an awesome wave.


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