DJ Bekah and Letric Rhythm on Laguna Limelight KX 93.5

The pleasure of being surrounded by good friends, artists, and DJs. DJ Bekah and DJ Lectric Rhythm stop in. DJ Bekah takes us away into her house DJ set. Bekah also is the project manager, creator of "Church Trap" which will be at this year’s Burning Man Event! DJ Lectric Rhythm aka Keary Gregg also sits in and talks about the project which he himself, have been a part of since inception. You can find DJ Bekah at and Lectric Rhythm can be reached by 411, white pages, or google search for "Keary Gregg Laguna Architect" Or you can just email us at for any inquires. Enjoy and if you appreciate our efforts, let us know.

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DJ Set List:
Scott David
1.) Douglas Greed – Down Here feat. Pascal Bideau(Marek Hemmann)
2.) Nikas – Stroboskop

DJ Bekah Set List:
1.) Shake it Mama Jupiter Jazz
2.) Restless Dreams(Dave Seaman) Samu.I
3.) My Head is a Jungle Wankelmut, Emma Louise
4.) Ah Ah Arjuna Schiks
5.) Reeves Super Flu, Andhim
6.) Limbo feat Kellie Allen Pete Gooding, Jonathan Cowan
7.) Gospel – Super Flu Antichrist Format:B
8.) Back Back – Richard Dinsdale Ivan Pica
9.) Girls Together Dave Seaman
10.)Goldfisch Kolsch
11.)To Be Saved (Acapella Version) Noise Tribe