The Fuzz – Anything Could Happen

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Fuzz. We got a lil fundraiser happening this week to keep good radio alive, so you’ll hear me talk about all things non-profit, however it’s a sweet-toothed sword as I dive into some goodies for all y’all. Sit back n relax and let this long-play play out. I know I say this every week, but I’m biased, it’s good.
1: Beastie Boys – I Dont Know
2: The Clean – Anything Could Happen
3: Manfred Mann Chapter Three – One Way Glass
4: CAN – She Brings The Rain
5: Nightmares On Wax – You Wish
6: Shintaro Sakamoto – Mask On Mask
7: Gal Costa – Vou Recomençar
8: The Clefs of Lavender Hill – Bang Bang
9: Devendra Banhart – White Reggae Troll
10: Billy Strange – These Boots Are Made For Walking
11: Dinosaurs – Sinister Purpose
12: Curved Air – Back Street Luv
13: Link Wray – Dinosaur
14: The Edgar Broughton Band – Evening Over Rooftops