Healthy Home Chef Show with Chefs Evan and Ava

Chefs Evan and Ava

In this show, we welcome celebrity chefs, Evan Riling & Ava Malazian — who have made it their life mission to educate about healthy eating by producing online courses and content to inspire and support home chefs to create loving connections through health conscious meals, one ingredient, one plate, and one family at a time!  Near the bottom of the second hour of the show (01:26:00), Eric asks our guests each for a list of FIVE THINGS (tools/ingredients) that you should have in your kitchen!  We close out the show with a live in-studio performance by Evan on his flute.

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♫ Songs featured in this show:

• Prince: Raspberry Beret
• Beatles: Strawberry Fields
• Don McLean: American Pie
• Harry Belafonte:  Banana Boat Song
•  In-studio flute by Chef Evan