Tielman Brothers, “Rollin’ Rock”


The Fire Devils, “Slippin’ And Slidin’”

Crazy Rockers, “Mama Papa Twist”

Electric Johnny and his Skyrockets, “Isle of Capri”

Rockin’ Shadows “Any Time”

The Blue Diamonds, “Little Ship”


The Tielman Brothers, “Java Guitars”

The Swallows, “La Obe”

Crazy Rockers, “Carioca”

The Hurricane Rollers, “Once”


Black Dynamites, “Brush Those Tears”

Tielman Brothers, “Bossa Nova Baby”

Ted Russell & His Rhythm Rockers, “Real Cool”

Real Room Rockers (1960)

Tielman Brothers, “Black Eyes Rock”
The Rollers, Sweet Malaya”

Electric Johnny and his Skyrocket, “Johnny on His Strings”

Crazy Rockers, “The Third Man”

The Javalins, “Al Capone”

The Tielman Brothers, “Ginchy”