Inner Journey with Greg Friedman, Leilani Squire, Glen Schiffman and Laguna Beach High NO NUKES

GLENN SCHIFFMAN is a co-founder of Roots and Wings, a non-profit organization that counsels youth, uninitiated adult men and veterans using indigenous ceremonial settings in collaboration with American Indian Elders. He has a BA in History, an MFA in Creative Writing, and a Masters in Spiritual Counseling.

Leilani Squire was born on the island of Oahu while her father was deployed on an aircraft carrier to Okinawa during the Korean War. Leilani started teaching writing workshops for veterans and returning soldiers. One of her students placed 2nd in the Personal Experience, Patriotic category for the 2011 Department of Veterans Affairs National Veterans Creative Arts Festival. Her student gave her his silver medal, which is one of the highest honors she has ever received.

Returning Soldiers Speak: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry by Soldiers and Veterans is Leilani’s first published book.

November 18th at 1pm on Main Beach in Laguna Beach to raise our vibration and awareness of Southern California Edison’s intention to bury radioactive nuclear waste 108 feet from the San Onofre coastline. We can turn this toxic ship around by coming together in unity and high vibes. Let’s show up and make a stand for the future of our CHILDREN and our MOTHER EARTH

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Walking for Water is a Laguna Beach High School Club teaming up with the national non-profit Wisdom Spring for the benefit of indigenous people in Africa.