Kevin’s Beach 2/10/16

Earth Wind & Fire-“Dirty”-I Am

Cabaret Voltaire-“Theme From Shaft”-Eight Crepuscule Tracks

Duane and Greg Allman-“Morning Dew”-Delta Swamp Rock

Mick Ronson-“Don’t Look Down”-Heaven and Hull

Mott The Hoople-“All The Young Dudes”-All The Young Dudes

Bonnie “Prince” Billy-“God’s Small Song”-The Letting Go

Daniel Lanois-“St. Ann’s Gold”-Acadie

Keren Ann-“One Day Without”-Nolita

The Feelies-“Let’s Go”-Good Earth

Ultravox-“Slip Away”-Ultravox

Massive Attack-“Blue Lines”-Blue Lines

XIXA-“World Goes Away”-Bloodline

James Supercave-“Burn”-Better Strange (2016)

Animal Collective-“Lying On The Grass”-Painting With (2016)

Clinic-“For The Season II”-Free Reign II

Tame Impala-“Past Life”-Currents

Tortoise-“Gesceap”-Catastrophist (2016)

Boredoms-“Tilde”-Vision Creation Newsun

Harold Budd, Bill Nelson & Fila Brazilia-“Blue Locus”-

Scorn-“Look At That”-Logghi Barogghi

Slint-“For Dinner…”-Spiderland

Jlin-“ABnormal Restriction”-Dark Energy

Not Waving-“24”-Animals

Mira Calix-“Woody”-Skimskitta

Barry Adamson-“Miles”-Oedipus Schmoedipus

Sun Araw-“Lute And Lyre”-Ancient Romans

Yma Sumac-“Chuncho (The Forest Creatures)”-The Sun Virgin

RJD2-“Cut Out To FL”-Deadringer:Deluxe

Yo La Tengo-“Big Day Coming”-Painful

Cabaret Voltaire-“Sluggin For Jesus”-Eight Crepuscule Tracks

Joana Newsom-“Leaving The City”-Divers