Kevin’s Beach 5/18/2016

<Grant Green-“Sookie Sookie”-Alive 1970

<Hawk & A Hacksaw-“Salt Water”-Way The Wind Blows

<Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid-“Soul Oscillations”-The Exchange Session I

<Bees-“March Of The Bees”-Horsemen

<A Small Good Thing-“Night”-Slim Westerns

<Chas Smith-“Nikki Wolveribe:The Presence of Another-Nikko Wolverine

<Cafe Tacuba-“8”-Reves/Yoyo

<Buzzcocks-“Love Battery”-Another Music In A Different Kitchen

<Phillippe Petit & Friends w/Justin Broadrick-Reciprocess

<Jah Wobble-“Lonely London”-Inspiration Of William Blake

<Fila Brazilia-“Lieut. Gingivitus”-Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight