Kevin’s Beach

Drop into a big variety of unexpected sets for supreme listening pleasure at Kevin’s Beach every Wednesday evening from 8 to 9 p.m.

>Marcus Stockhausen & Jasper V’ant Hof-“Aqua Sansa”-Aqua Sansa (2016 reissue)

>Immersion-“Slow Light”-Analogue Creatures (2016)

>Brian Eno & David Byrne-“America Is Waiting”-My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts

>Phil & Dave Alvin-“American Music” (live)

>The Blasters-“Marie Marie”-American Music

>The Colourfield-“I Can’t Get Enough of you Baby”-Virgins & Philistines

>Contact-“Grand Dectector”-Zero Moment (2016)

>Cal Tjader-“Solar Heat”-Solar Heat/Sounds Of Burt Bacharach

>Orchestra Baobab-“Ndongoy Daara”-Specialist in Styles

>Mala-“Kotos”-Mirrors (2016)

>Nest-“The Helwick”-Retold

>Ovis Aurum-“Realm Loop”-Ovis Aurum

>Quantic-“Time Is The Enemy”-The 5th Exotic

>Nico Muhly-“Hudson Cycle”-Speaks Volumes