KX 93.5 – SA Rock Connection with Greg N. 11-April-15

This episode is true to the show’s motto, to promote South African and local music and maybe, who knows, start a cultural exchange!
Here is the playlist – one SA and one Local;
Dry Riverbeds by The Black Cat Bones
Dark Into Light by Missiles of October
Blow Your Cover by Man As Machine
Odds and Ends by Magnolia Memoir
Peggy-Mae by Southern Gypsey Queen
Believe by HumanLab
The Dance by Aking
Blame It on the Whiskey by Robert Jon & The Wreck
What Makes a Man by Man As Machine
Electric Man by Rival Sons
Dust Is Rising by Shadowclub
Chicago Dream by Sister Speak
Man is a Fire by Josie Fields
The Postman by Fridge Poetry…