KX93.5 Kevin’s Beach 10/07/2014

>Dennis Wilson-"Under The Moonlight"-Pacific Ocean Blue
>Aphex Twin-"Next Heap With"-I Care Because You Do
>Spoon-"Inside Out"-They Want My Soul (2014)
>The War On Drugs-"Disappearing"-Lost In A Dream (2014)
>Thom Yorke-"The Mother Lode"-Tomorrows Modern Boxes (2014)
>Real Estate-"Primitive"-Atlas (2014)
>Lucinda Wilson-"Foolishness"-Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone (2014)
>Velvet Underground-"Here She Comes Now"-White Light/White Heat
>Ryuichi Sakamoto-"Salvation" (Ashley Beedle mix)-Discord – Gutninja Remixes
>Lamb-"Trans Fatty Acid"-The K&D Sessions
>Quantic-"Wider Than The Sky"-Apricot Morning
>Brian Eno & Karl Hyde-"To Us All"-Someday World (2014)
>J Mascis-"Untitled"-Gas Food Lodging (O.S.T.)
>Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi-"Her Hollow Ways"-Rome