KX93.5 Kevin’s Beach 10/28/2014

>David Bowie-"We Are The Dead"-Diamond Dogs
>Gazelle Twin-"Guts"-Unflesh (2014)
>Eels-"Fresh Blood"-Hombre Lobo
>The Damned-"Born To Kill"-Damned Damned Damned
>The Cure-"No Heart"-Disintegration
>Talking Heads-"Psycho Killer"-Talking Heads 77
>Joy Division-"The Kill"-Still
>Current 93-"Then Kill Caesar"-Black Ships Ate The Sky
>Bauhaus-"Who Killed Mr. Moonlight"-Burning From The Inside
>Coil-"It’s In My Blood"-Ape Of Naples
>Brian Eno & Harold Budd-"Late October"-The Pearl
>Thom Yorke-"A Brain In A Bottle"-Tomorrows Modern Boxes (2014)
>Ray Davies-"Vietnam Cowboys"-Working Man’s Cafe
>Glen Campbell-"Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)"-Meet…
>Antonio Sanchez-"Doors and Distance"-Birdman (2014 soundtrack)
>Philip Selway-"The Witching Hour"-Familial (Radiohead drummer)