KX93.5 Kevin’s Beach 11/04/2014

Kevin Ware hosts Lost and Found for Alan Deremo and then into deep waters at Kevin’s Beach. This is a two hour podcast.

>Oneohtrix Point Never-"Along"-R Plus 7
>Real Estate-"Primitive"-Atlas (2014)
>Dusty Springfield-"Spooky" (remixed by Nightmares On Wax)
>Peddlers-"On A Clear Day You Can See Forever"-London Suite
>Parliament-"Unfinished Instrumental"-Osmium (1970 debut)
>Paul Weller-"Above The Clouds"-Paul Weller (1st solo album-1992)
>Alexander-"Remember Our Heart"-Alexander (1st solo album-2011)
>Mark Eitzel-"Sacred Heart"-60 Watt Silver Lining
-Darkside-"Heart"-Psychic (Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington)
>The War On Drugs-"The Haunting Idle"-Lost In The Dream (2014)
>Daniel Lanois w/Bono-"Falling At Your Feet"-Shine
>Pat Martino-"Four On Six"-Tribute To Wes Montgomery
>The Year Of-"Stephen Hawking"-Slow Days
>Djigui-"Ladilikan"-Frikyiwa (African remix album)
>Felix Laband-"Falling Off A Horse-Dark Days Exit

Adventures in Modern Music at Kevin’s Beach. This show presents experimental music from around the world. The following list includes artist and song title:

Marsen Jules "Beautyfear II"
Shoukichi Kina & Pascal Plantings "Shima Guwa"
Pas Musique "Inside The Spectrum"
Jakob Boeskov/Timothy DeWit/Matthew Morandi "Computer Eyes"
Chra "Snowbird"
Niels Lyhne Lekkegaard "Sikorsky"
Mason Bates "Stereo Is King"
Ernest Gibson "Groupwork"
The Bleeding Peasant Orchestra "Pandaemonium"
Rodolphe Alexis "Parabolic Amphibian Mix (Various Tree Frogs)"
Mesak "Runopoika #1"
Roj & Wolfram Wire "It Chimes"
Oiseaux-Tempete "Kyrie Eleison"
Process Rebel "Mutation Portal"
Deadbear "Snow In"
Islet "Tripping Through The Blue Room (Part II)"