KX93.5 Kevin’s Beach 2/3/2015

>Laraaji-"Cave" Bee Mask Version-(Single)
>Gier Jenssen-"Palung: A Yak Is Coming"-Cho Oyu 8201m:Field Recordings From Tibet
>Lambchop-"About My Lighter"-No You C’mon
>Gary Numan-"I Nearly Married A Human"-Replicas Redux
>Gas-"Zauberberg 1"-Zauberberg
>Grumbling Fur-"Protogenesis"-Glynneastra
>Pete Namlook-"Obscured By Klaus Part 1"-The Dark Side Of The Moog
>Guitar-"Song Without Signal"-Dancing With Signal & Sound
>Lanterna-"Messina"-Desert Ocean
>Macaw-"5 Minutes At The Rainbow Cafe"-Wire Tapper 24
>Scorn-"It’s On"-Logghi Barogghi