KX93.5 Kevin’s Beach 5/26/2015

>Lawrence English-"Soft Fuse"-Kiri No Oto
>Rob Shuttz-"Looming"-Those
>Steve Von Till-"Night Of The Moon"-A Life Unto Itself (2015)
>Giant Sand-"Texting Feist"-Heartbreak Pass (2015)
>Jim O’Rourke-"That Weekend"-Simple Songs (2015)
>Oren Ambarchi-"Fractured Mirror"-Audience Of One
>Paul Weller-"In The Car"-Saturns Pattern (2015)
>Brian Eno-"Dutch Blur"-Drop
>Fennesz & Sakamoto-"Kokoro"-Cendre
>Norberto Lobo & Joao Lobo-"Bahia"-Oba Loba (2015)
>Sao Paulo Underground & Rob Mazurek-"Colibri"-Tres Cabecas Loucuras
>Arthur Lyman-"Ode To Billie Joe"-Latitude 20/Aphrodisia
>Freckles-"Boss Level"-Freckles (if you like this check out the podcast from 3/17/2015)