KX93.5 Kevin’s Beach 7/21/2015

>Natural Language-"I Am Not Part Of Nature"-Em:t-Natural Language 1098
>Tom Waits-"Make It Rain"-Real Gone
>Michael Ubaldini-"Bar Band Dues"-Avenue Of Ten Cent Hearts (Michael performs at the Sawdust Festival throughout July and August)
>Ray Charles-"Guitar Blues"-Let Him Have It (1992 soundtrack)
>Beck-"True Love Will Find You In The End"-Discovered Covered: The Late Daniel Johnston
>Kelley Stoltz-"The Birmingham Eccentric"-Circular Sounds
>The Beach Boys-"Pet Sounds"-Pet Sounds (1966)
>Tania Maria-"Lemon Cucina"-Piquaint
>Moritz Von Oswald-"Cocoon Dark Dub"-(album unknown, I got this from Soundcloud.com)
>Stereolab-"Analogue Rock"-Transient Random Noise Bursts with Announcements
>The Micronauts-"Let’s Smurf Across The Surf"-Dread Meets B-Boys Downtown
>Improvisators Dub Meets The Disciples-"Bass-Batt"-Dub Anthology
>Lanterna-"Backyards"-Backyards (2015)
>Steven Von Till-"Night of the Moon"-A Life Unto Itself
>The Third Eye Foundation-"If You Treat Us Like Terrorists We Will Become Terrorists"-The Dark
>Leyland Kirby-"Derelict Bar"-(Soundcloud.com download)