KX93.5 Kevin’s Beach 7/7/15

>Mouse On Mars-"Snap Bar"-Glam
>Mouse On Mars & Helado Negro-"Carca Jadas"-21 Again Collaborations (2014)
>Helado Negro-"Young, Latin & Proud"-Young, Latin & Proud (2015/Asthmatic Kitty label)
>Devendra Banhart-"Taurobolium"-Mala
>The Byrds-"It Happens Each Day"-Never Before
>Arto Lindsay-"Simply Beautiful"-Mundo Civilizado
>Nicolas Jaar-"The Three Sides Of Audrey And Why She’s All Alone"-Nymphs II (2015)
>Arve Henriksen-"Plume Of Ash"-Chron/Cosmic Creation
>Paul Weller-"In The Car"-Saturn’s Pattern
>Mose Allison-"Stop This World"-Swingin’ Machine
>Cavern Of Anti-Matter-"Blood Drums"-2013 single
(this band features Tim Gane from Stereolab)
>Buzzcocks-"Late For The Train"-Love Bites
>Air-"Casanova 70"-Premiers Symptomes
>Kraftwerk-"The Robots"-The Man Machine
>Grace Jones-"Private Life"-Warm Leatherette