KX93.5 Kevin’s Beach 8/12/15

>S**t & Shine-"Love Your Hair-Hope You Win"-54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral (2015
>Martin Rev-"Sparks"-Strangeworld
>Magazine-"Because You’re Frightened"-Correct Use Of Soap
>Buddy Guy-"She Suits Me Like A Tee"-I Left My Blues In San Francisco
>Johnny Cash-"Ring Of Fire"-Ring Of Fire: Best Of (1963)
>Del Jef Gilson & Malagasy-"Valiha"-Del Jef Gilson & Malagasy (Ethnic Jazz)
>Felt-"Red Indians"-The Splendor Of Fear"-
>The Great Society-"Love You Girl"-Born To Be Burned
>Disco Inferno-"Can’t See Through It"-Technicolor
>Oren Marshall-"6" (edit)-Introduction To The Story Of Spedy Sponda
>Loren Chasse-"The Special Harvest"-The Otolith (sound artist and field recordist)
>DJ Krush-"Roll & Tumble"-Trip Hop For Jazz Junkies
>Flying Lotus-"Moment Of Hesitation"-You’re Dead (2014)
>Antonio Sanchez-"Doors & Distance"-Birdman (soundtrack)
>Shugo Tokumaru-"Mist"-L.S.T.
>S**t & Shine-"Who’s Your Waitress"-Powder Horn (2014)
>Daddy Kev-"Rhythm"-Classick Instrumentals Volume 1