KX935.5 Kevin’s Beach 3/10/2015

>Serge Gainsbourg-"Sea Sex & Sun"-Initials SG
>Veronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul-"Afflux de Luxe"-Ex-Futur Album
>Kinks-"People Take Pictures"-The Kinks Are The Village Green
>Viet Cong-"March Of Progress"-Viet Cong (2015/Jajaguwar label)
>Tarwater-"To Moauf"-Silur
>Luna-"Outdoor Miner" (Wire cover)-Lunafied
>The Sea & Cake-"Up On The North Shore"-The Moonlight Butterfly
>Real Estate-"Navigator"-Atlas (2014)
>Devo-"Beautiful World"-New Traditionalists
>Mouse On Mars-"Papa Antoine"-Iaora Tahiti
>Oren Ambarchi-"Quixotism Part 3"-Quixotism
>Moon Duo-"Night Beat"-Moon Duo (2015)
>Trans Am-"Reevaluations"-Volume X (2014)
>Brian Eno-"Calcium Needles"-Small Craft On A Milk Sea
>Brian Eno-"Breath Of Crows"-Drums Beneath The Bells