MOODY w/ Dr. Sage. Does My Child Have A Sleep Disorder?

Dr. Kim Sage, clinical psychologist #29089, welcomes physician and pediatric sleep expert, Dr. Gary Feldman, to explore the many phases and types of sleep issues among children and teens.

From challenges like getting newborns to sleep through the night, to the impact of lack of sleep among teens, this show explores the role of sleep, and common age and sleep-related challenges in childhood and adolescence.

Could your child have a sleep disorder?

Did you know that behavioral issues at school or home, or poor school performance can very well be related to sleep issues?

Why do some children have a difficult time staying in their beds all night?  What can you do?

Listen to the podcast to learn more about the powerful role of sleep in the lives of our children, teens and parents.

Dr. Kim Sage can be reached at (949) 899-5787 or

Dr. Gary Feldman’s Ocean Sleep Medicine Center is located in Aliso Viejo, CA and he can be reached at (949) 446-8990 and